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[Engineering] Seoul Man Golden Globe Lighting: High-quality Lamp Strikes---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 05, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xiongyu Heng] mentioned Guangdong Seoul diffuse led stadium lighting, it is reminiscent of its high-quality panel lights. Seoul diffuse lighting has won the first issued in 2013 GGII panel lights ten rankings,high power led flood light showing its strength should not be underestimated. Today, Seoul diffuse lighting in the development of other areas of lighting downlight, also led to everyone's attention. backpfrontp Recently, Seoul diffuse lighting to bring their RML-26 series COB downlights involved Engineering Golden Globe (Best Product Award) selection. According to executive vice president Li Seoul diffuse lighting presentation,1000W led flood light the lamp radiator hit the screw technology, more stable than conventional knob, hit the screw adapter to ensure that the power lines, lamp beads location firm, to prevent the occurrence of positional shift lamp beads and other adverse Happening. Seoul diffuse lighting to bring their RML-26 series COB downlights backpfrontp same time, the lamp has broken the limitations of traditional tube led tunnel light, which may be under irradiation distance 20m, still be able to meet the national standard light distribution parameters. Its beautiful atmosphere appearance, a variety of power, different illumination angles can meet different environment, lighting needs of different spaces.Meanwhile, Seoul diffuse lighting is also involved in the annual Golden Globe best engineering Engineering LED bay light will be selected, that is attached to the lighting system APEC International Conference Centre. The lighting system uses a Seoul diffuse lighting RML-25-COB trunk light, RML-26-COB downlights, RML-24-COB wide-angle lighting and other fixtures. Currently, the project has been completed product final acceptance. backpfrontp our RML-26 series COB downlights also winning the \u0026 lsquo; 2014 22nd APEC informal leadership meeting \u0026 rsquo; No. 2 Yanxi villa construction. Li Chengyu mentioned, Seoul diffuse led arena lighting through adequate market research, from the actual needs of customers, independent research and development model, developed a different light angle, color temperature of a variety of different products to meet the engineering requirements. backpbackp Yanxi the 2nd villa in the northwest corner of real It is understood that the above winning products are used GB 12 # environmentally friendly aluminum die casting, with good heat dissipation structure. Addison quality while using COB chip as the light source, to ensure that the products of high-efficiency and high CRI.rtennis court light Service life of 30,000 hours, compared with the traditional energy-saving lamps to save more than 40%. backp