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[Engineering] Kamei Golden Globe Lighting: Giving Reiki Landscape With Light---led Stadium Floodlights

Dec 01, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] Guangdong Foshan is a historic city, but also Kamei lighting, country star power (002449.SZ), Foshan Lighting (000541.SZ), Wright ( 002076.SZ), Bureau Valley Power, Igor and other famous LED stadium light business location. Foshan LED landscape lighting project is also in the forefront. backpfrontp Foshan's national intangible cultural heritage theme restaurant lighting facilities, is the local enterprises Kamei lighting undertake. It is understood that this project as a rare combination of Foshan intangible cultural heritage and theme restaurants based,high power led flood light this project uses a lamp with the requirements of owners as simple as possible, to achieve functional diversity, and to meet the owners of the cultural heritage and interior fit . non-heritage theme restaurants Kamei, head of the lighting market to 1000W LED flood light Engineering introduced the Road, the project uses a smart sensor body and comfortable vision system can sense light and shade through Promise intelligent, with adjustable color temperature lamps, all domestic techniques. Abandon dependence on foreign products. backpfrontp entire project uses a high-efficiency, high CRI LED tunnel lighting products, and selection of an efficient and stable environmental drive, consider the cost of inputs from a maintenance point of view,led street lighting this is also the owner of the endorsement and support. Under the premise of maintaining effect, than the traditional 40% energy saving lighting solutions. Completion of the project has basically reached the requirements of lighting design, visual effects are very good.while Kamei lighting in the finished project is also on-site service staff training,led bay light to ensure that the expression of lighting effects. Le Dragon Garden Culture belonging to the same music in Shunde Foshan Dragon Garden cultural landscape, but also require the use of lighting as simple as possible, Kamei lighting in line with the requirements of owners, using the most simple solid products based on the current did not find any safety hazards and product missing. Similarly, the entire project uses a high-efficiency, high CRI LED arena lighting products, and selection of an efficient and stable environmentally driven. It is understood that the first project as a creative garden Shunde Longjiang, Shunde bear the pursuit of art and design, natural ecology elements feeling Kamei tennis court lights will simulate substituting into the design case from the angle of the light gives the garden aura. Both Case backpfrontp Kamei lighting were involved in the 2015 Golden Globe Award in Engineering, can win the title, it remains to be seen.