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[Engineering] Hua Puyong Golden Globes Next: A 'breathing' LED Lights----led Stadium Floodlights

Nov 10, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Xuchao Peng] This is a not only work in the open air, can breathe underwater stadium lights. Product design concept comes from fish gill shark, striped design makes the product more full of tension, holes may let the heat lamp unit quickly dissipate, play a protective effect of hardware. Ming Hua Puyong Advanced Research Commissioner Zhang Xiaoli told reporters. backpfrontp Recently,led stadium light photoelectric Ltd. Hangzhou Hua Puyong This portable breathing lamp \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; T6B modular street to attend the Golden Globe Engineering 2015 Product of the Year Award competition, causing industry quite a stir. backpbackpfrontp This T6B type led street lighting illumination uniformity, high light, high color, visual fidelity, no glare, energy savings, with a number of excellent features. And a high degree of protection, thermal performance, protection class IP68 light engine, has a strong replicability. Zhang Xiaoli mentioned. It is understood that, as the industry's leading high power LED flood light design DreamWorks \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash;  bright with a strong design team, has become one of the few in the industry positioned to tailor solutions design company dedicated to provide customers with 1000W LED flood lighting design and manufacture of one-stop service. backpfrontp In addition, this section T6B type street also possesses a tool-free maintenance and modular design, thus saving both cost and easy to replace parts, to achieve the environmental protection, the full power of freedom serial design solutions. At the same time, this street for easy installation, enabling tool-free on-site maintenance,led tunnel light greatly reducing installation and maintenance costs. Purchase of high-performance energy-saving projects for T6B type street rehabilitation programs, stable performance, good reaction is expected to be recovered through electricity savings of principal. Zhang Xiaoli representation.All in all, led bay light the use of international first dual coupling IP68 protection design, to eliminate all moisture or other harmful gases erosion chip and PCB board, much higher than the national standard IP65, the whole structure of the heat, as opposed to the traditional full-page-type LED arena light products decreased 20 ℃ junction temperature These are the characteristics of this section street in one of the many high-quality. And we also believe that this 2015 Golden Globe LED Engineering, Ming Hua Puyong final by virtue of this section will be able to breathe T6B modular lights gains Golden Globe Awards final crown, it will be doomed to pass for the LED industry circle a story. backpfrontp breathing T6B modular lights, we like you! backp