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[Engineering] Golden Globe Strong Giant Color LED Display Quality Casting Legend---LED Stadium Floodlights

Dec 01, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin At present, with the further decline in prices, LED display application market competition greatly intensified widespread, although most LED stadium light display manufacturers to maintain revenue growth , but gross margins have continued to decline, but some enterprises in order to obtain greater market share, then began to take vicious competition. backpfrontp market price war, poor product cross-channeling, service can not keep up, it is currently the main competitive high power LED flood light display market pressures exist. Relevant staff strength giant color that, in order to deal with this situation, the company introduced advanced production equipment to increase production capacity to improve production efficiency, cost control to respond to market price war. backpfrontp appeal staff revealed that the company recently developed a new die-cast aluminum box 400 * 300 small spacing display and compete for small spacing display 1000W LED flood light Engineering 2015 Product of the Year category. According to reports, the product uses die-cast aluminum alloy, hard and strong high-end box, the box very lightweight; products using magnetic structure, cell plate, a rear cover for quick disassembly, secondly, the connection piece goods with regulating agencies to ensure Flatness Screen installation,led tunnel light ensure smooth seamless casing and improve the entire screen display. backpfrontp In addition, box, cell plate are made of aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation, no fans, cool-running, quiet and no noise. Box structure layout design science, can quickly and easily replace the housing components.LED bay light has been a strong giant color resolutely resist the market inferior products, established a good reputation in the industry, we have a sound product quality control system. Staff said, the company's products can impact high and low temperature cycle (Lit) in cold, sand and dust test 8H, 24 hours salt spray test, vibration test, drop test, AOI tester,led arena light automated water testing, point by point correction system test and inspection to ensure product quality. backpfrontp In addition, in order to effectively guarantee localization, professional, comprehensive and efficient pre-sale and after-sales service,tennis court lights to build industry giant color most powerful marketing channels, including 32 offices, point control provincial municipalities; more than 200 special dealers nationwide network of first-tier cities; more than 3,000 co-engineering,led street lighting covering the country's second and third-tier cities. backp