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[Engineering] Golden Globe In Photo Group: 'bat-wing Light' LED Module Lights Blew Industry Needs

Jan 19, 2017

 LED stadium lights industry development to date, along with the increasingly mature chip, LED road lighting efficiency is not the concern of the industry's problem, but the market can achieve efficient light distribution and a truly long-life LED lights are few. backpfrontp It is understood that when the photo Holdings Limited in product development, based on this consideration, concentrate on solving these two problems, and ultimately developed a perfect batwing light IP68 degree of protection with efficient LED stadium lighting products in the market on causing widespread concern. backpfrontp This product is focused on the development module (source) in the development process, and then from the module derivatives strategy, focusing on the development of versatile, high-parameter modules, particularly focused on the lens and protection. According to Wang Huiying in Group Marketing he told reporters. backp new LED module lights backpfrontp Wang Huiying introduced the Road, with the current high power LED flood light technology to mature, then how to improve light utilization efficiency, how to extend the life has become a more important question, therefore, this product installed street dedicated lens Under the circumstances, 6 meters wide relative to the mounting national lighting standards can be achieved in the case of a 25-meter intervals. backpfrontp Also, the entire new 1000W LED flood light module street light IP rating to IP68, can be used normally under flooding conditions, thus greatly improving the life of LED tunnel lights. This module is based on backpfrontp and street design and construction of the project, Tongren City, Guizhou Economic Development Zone, the road network (the 6th Road / 10 Road) intelligent street lighting equipment purchase and installation, TANG Xian hotel lighting fixtures as well as the purchase and installation of Wumart Group LED high bay lighting energy-saving projects will also be participating in this 2015 Golden Globe for Best Engineering Project Award. backpfrontp Tongren City, Guizhou Economic Development Zone, the road network of solar lights instead of traditional street lighting utility power, without laying cables, no AC power supply, no electricity; DC power supply, photosensitive control; with good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency easy installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving, economical and practical advantages. Solar lights can be widely used in urban primary and secondary roads, residential, factories, tourist attractions, car parks and other places. backp Tongren street backpfrontp TANG hotel night lighting project early in the design decision to use LED tennis court lights, high power consumption and low efficiency abandon flood light, wall lights and so on. Not only reduces the light energy, but also greatly reduce the prevalence of night lighting in the current lighting waste phenomenon. Dual energy saving aspects of multi-angle. backp TANG Xian hotel backpfrontp and outdoor landscape LED gym light effect Wumart Group transformation project employed more than 108lm / w, mask transmittance over 92%. Compared with the traditional fluorescent tube T8 energy-saving rate of 60%. Wumart annual electricity savings of 11.62 million yuan. While nearly 50 percent Marketplace enhance illumination. Taking into account the specific requirements of the supermarket project requires high illumination, such as can be kept constant illumination, energy-saving rate can reach 67%. backpfrontp then compete in the final award, according to the group the ability to win the title, but also please the circle of colleagues to wait and see! backp