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[Dynamic], Build Capital Photonics Company Invested 40 Million Shares Of Two Companies

Dec 23, 2016

 LianJian photoelectric (300269), announced that the joint construction of photovoltaic Board reviewed and approved two motions,LED stadium lights agree wholly owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Investment Limited as limited linkage Culture Partner, respectively, 26 million yuan of its own funds, 14.05 million yuan occupation Xinyu Austar investment partnerships and Xinyu City Bor Investment Management Center stadium lighting. Jiawei shares (300 317), announced that the company in order to speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading, with the help of professional investment institutions to enhance the company's ability to invest and contribute to the company's overall strategic objectives; high power led flood light and share in the rewards of investment acquisitions and rapid development of the market, the company intends to Haitong Kaiyuan, Weihai state and other investors jointly set up Haitong Qidong (Weihai) equity investment funds, equity funds invested a total commitment not more than 1.5 billion yuan.1000W LED flood light Jufei backpfrontp photoelectric (300303), announced that the company recently received notice of Mr. Xing Qibin shareholder, Mr. Xing Qibin it holds 4,840,000 shares of the company executives locked shares pledged to the Guoxin Securities Co., Ltd., for shares pledged repo business financing. The initial trading date of this transaction was September 22, 2015, to repurchase transaction date September 21, 2016. LED tunnel light Lehman photoelectric (300162) announcement that the company received on September 22, 2015 notice of China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission will be mergers and acquisitions of listed companies held a working meeting today, the audit company issued shares and payment cash to buy assets and raise matching funds related matters. LED bay light East Crystal Electronic (002,199), the company intends to planning major events, the company's application to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2015 4 月 20 日 opening from the suspension. During the suspension period,led arena light the parties and relevant agencies to actively promote the due diligence of this major asset reorganization involved, audit, evaluation and other work. tennis court lights to avoid abnormal stock price volatility and safeguard the interests of investors, the company apply to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the company stock since September 24, 2015 opening date for the morning to continue the suspension. backp