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[Annual] White LED Phosphor Performance Into The Bottleneck?

Feb 07, 2017

 Increase in volume and a drop in price of the curse seems to have followed the LED stadium lights phosphors for a long time, but for the time being there is no sign of dissipating. As important accessories LED stadium lighting package, only to strengthen the competitiveness of the phosphor by continuous technological progress and performance improve, maintain market share.  performance white high power LED flood light with a phosphor has entered the bottleneck, but is far from over. There are rare earth luminescent materials research division director Liu Ronghui think, dropping lower and lower in price when there is a profound study of rare earth research and development will be the largest company to ensure competitiveness. backpfrontp In fact, there is research phosphor product range, developed aluminate, nitrides and fluorides system to meet the high-quality phosphors for lighting and display applications require LED high bay lights devices. backpfrontp and applications in lighting, mainly Zincate yellow YAG and green LuAG, 1113 YGG phosphor, nitride phosphor system and the 258, the overall performance in the industry-leading level. Among them, the 2015 launch of the upgraded version of HR-01J2, HR-02 nitride Pink's performance series with the highest level of foreign fairly, with good color, R9 value, down bin higher outstanding advantages. backpfrontp show areas of high-quality wide color gamut, Institute of Rare Earth in China to launch a high-performance fluoride red phosphor and nitrogen oxide green powder carry out development work. We will be based on semiconductor lighting technology trends, in full-spectrum lighting, ultra-high-power lighting, wide color gamut display phosphors field force, and continue to introduce new products. Liu Ronghui representation. backpfrontp is undeniable that the degree of homogeneity of the phosphor on the rise, profit margins are getting smaller and smaller, but the market still has some high-end demand, the domestic LED tunnel lights phosphors to be overcome and satisfaction. backpfrontp Liu Ronghui told Engineering 1000W LED flood light , Institute of Rare Earth has always adhered to the concept of scientific and technological innovation to promote enterprise development, in a spirit of pragmatic cooperation to create value for customers. What will be next year phosphor technology innovation, product performance will be what breakthroughs? 2015 Engineering LED airport light annual meeting, Institute of Rare Earth to explore with you. backp