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[Annual] Are For Lighting Driver IC Can Do?

Feb 04, 2017

 Domestic IC plant must be done innovative products to dominate the market in order to gradually change the pattern of foreign IC. As an IC manufacturers simply makes no sense to talk about the price,stadium lights the most important to look at what you have done for the industry, which can solve the needs of customers. According to general manager Li Ming Microelectronics China's consistent position has not changed. backpfrontp market matures,led stadium lights it must be unique business to survive and fast, and the homogenization of products will certainly face fierce price competition. backpfrontp Ching Ming Ming Microelectronics holding sun and the moon,high power led flood light the idea of perfection to micro, committed to provide the most valuable products for the industry and customers. On Engineering G20-LED Lighting Summit, Ming Microelectronics said, the next will be some action in the professional segments, mainly concentrated in the linear core technology. Currently the entire linear limitations will be relatively large,1000W led flood light but the follow-up this technology will progress, including good will gradually improve in terms of power. Assistant General Manager Huang Lai Ming Microelectronics long represented. backpfrontp linear constant current IC is a low quiescent current, low dropout LED constant current driver. Ming Microelectronics launched SM735X series (SM7350 / SM7352P / SM7354P) is a high-precision, high efficiency, high power factor buck LED tunnel light constant current drive control chip. It uses a high power factor constant-current control of patented technology, without the input of high voltage capacitors can make the system power factor greater than 0.95, greater than 90% efficiency, constant current accuracy of less than \u0026 plusmn; 5%. By EFT, lightning, surge and other reliability test, through 3C, UL, CE certification standards. backpfrontp in functionality, from general gym lighting applications to display applications, Ming Microelectronics represents energy under the program itself does not add any costs in the case, to achieve the functionality increases. And enhance product functionality and added value is the development direction of the next micro. backpfrontp the switch dimming, controllable dimming direction, the driver IC will have relatively big breakthrough. And now much discussed to power of, the drive IC also have higher update requirements. backpfrontp driver IC to enter a new round of product innovation cycle. Fight product quality has nothing, who can provide more value-added products, more functional, who can provide more convenient and comprehensive technical support and services, is the focus of IC Competition. In the 2015 annual meeting of senior engineers LED tennis court lights, Ming Microelectronics will do this with a number of colleagues to explore, it is to lighting, the driver IC can do? Backp