LED Tennis Court Light

LED Tennis Court Light
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LED Tennis Court Light


We have a variety of LED lighting to suitable for different requirement, as the size, the extent of the reflective of the ground, nearby lighting, and acceptable brightness of residential neighbors etc.

Tennis LED Lighting That’s Green! 

Municipalities and private tennis clubs have become environmentally responsible and economically smart. They want to maximize tennis court light levels and minimize the glare, all while minimizing their costs as well. This is why LED tennis lights are the solution, as they are both energy efficient and superior to other types of lights. 

Since tennis courts have tight dimensions, a typical playing area for a single tennis court is 60 by 120 feet, OAKLED can provide LED tennis floodlights that illuminate courts according to any standard, for single tennis courts as well as multiple courts in a cage. 

Avoid Light Pollution with Tennis Court LEDs

Outdoor city tennis courts need to be considerate to their neighbors and avoid shining excessive light on adjoining properties. Reduce your light pollution with LEDs that deliver light specifically to the tennis court and not the surrounding area. 

For tennis court LED lights, OAKLED can take care of all your LED lighting needs.

Our product for outdoor lighting solution

LED tennis court light Advantages:

a). High pure aluminum reflector and hot release system;

b). High power LED lighting, high effection imported constant current;

C). We passed ISO, and with strict quality control group;

D). Long warranty: 3 years;

E). Energy saving;

F). Highest power led lighting in the led industry;

G). Lighting efficiency: up to 170 lm/w.