LED Gym Light

LED Gym Light
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LED Gym Light


We have a variety of LED lighting to suitable for different arenas' requirement, as the size, the height,the type and style, the grass, the experience of players and audience etc.

Switch the gym light bulbs to LED bulbs and save on the energy costs. LED technology is constantly progressing, and as the prices of LED sports lighting fall, it is becoming a logical choice over other lighting options.

Are you tired of waiting for your current metal halide fixtures to warm up to full brightness? LED lights don’t require any warm up time, so you can start practicing or playing sooner! You can also regulate the lights by dimming certain areas when needed.

Our Product For Gym Lighting Solution

LED tennis court light Advantages:

a). High pure aluminum reflector and hot release system;

b). High power LED lighting, high effection imported constant current;

C). We passed ISO, and with strict quality control group;

D). Long warranty: 3 years;

E). Energy saving;

F). Highest power led lighting in the led industry;

G). Lighting efficiency: up to 170 lm/w.