High power LED Football Stadium Light,stadium floodlights,Football Field Light

High power LED Football Stadium Light,stadium floodlights,Football Field Light
Product Details

LED Football Stadium Light

LED Flood light / LED Stadium light / LED Venue light

Brightest LED stadium light in the world

Premium Precise Optical Lighting System, 95% high efficiency

5-10 times brighter than conventional led lamps

Our 500w LED stadium light directly replace 1500-2000w metal halide

Anti-Glare System, suitable for all occasions

Low flicker rate less than 0.2%, special design for stadium HDTV

The best power supply Meanwell adapted, Bridgelux/CREE chip from USA

High tech thermal system, provide the best lighting environment, extend lifespan

Optical grade PC lens to maximize the light reach the place required

High & low temperature resistant, suitable for -40 to +50°C environment temperature

Lifetime 80000-100000h, light retain 50%

DALI, DMX, PWM dimming available

5 years warranty

Nergy conservative, environmental-friendly, green and longevous

More than 50% energy saving than high voltage sodium lamp

LED Football stadium light

LED Flood Light for Football Stadium

One of a benefits of the new LED floodlight system is the vast reduction in flicker during slow-motion broadcast replays.

HDTV require that clubs' floodlights have a flicker rate no higher than 6%, but testing on our new system has recorded a rate of just 0.2%.

The system uses considerably less energy than the club’s previous halide lighting, and can be instantly switched on and off ensuring there is no warm-up period required.

Other LED stadium lights features:
1. Light body use high-quality aluminum with special surface treatment, which is corrosion resisting and anti-UV.

2. Imported light source, high brightness, long lifespan, high brightness.

3. Using the best power supply, constant voltage constant current to ensure the lasting lifetime, the best choice for a new era of green energy.

4. Copper substrate and heat sink in close contact with no gaps, reducing air resistance, increase the contact area, speed up heat conduction.