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Why Not Choose The Ordinary LED Lamps But Professional LED Stadium Lights For Sport Venues?

Jan 03, 2019

Why Not Choose The Ordinary LED Lamps But Professional LED Stadium Lights For Sport Venues?


According to OAK LED's cooperation with customers for many years, many customers of stadiums are entangled in the following questions: Why the professional LED stadium lights so expensive than ordinary LED lights? Why not choose the ordinary LED lamps, but use the professional LED stadium lights?


There are TEN REASONS for this question.


1. The light source and power supply of the professional LED stadium lights for sports competition usually adopts the original imported international first-class brand, which is customized for different projects and cannot be mass-produced. Ordinary LED lamps usually are produced in batches, but its light source and power supply do not meet the parameters of the stadium lighting, so it cannot be used directly on the courts.


2. The professional LED stadium lights use special heat dissipation technology and high power conductivity, which can reduce the energy consumption and light weight of the lamp, especially they can have a better thermal conductivity. However, ordinary LED lights only use the general aluminum profile.


3. The color temperature of professional LED stadium lights is tailored for various types of sport venues, making the athletes, referees and spectators more comfortable.


4. The color rendering index of professional LED stadium lights is over 80, which can make the color more realistic and restore the true beauty of the stadiums, while the image by using ordinary LED lights is blurred due to the low color rendering index.


5. The professional multifunctional gymnasiums will often hold various types of competitions. Different sport competitions will have different requirements for the parameters of led stadium lights. For instance, there are many difference in the requirements of badminton court lighting and fencing field lighting. Not only should LED stadium lights meet the requirements of various sport competitions, but also be researched, developed and produced according to different conditions of the sport arenas. Finally, the price is very expensive because the input cost is high as well as the requirement of the raw materials is also stricter.


6. The professional LED stadium lights use professional the point-by-point light distribution system to get a better energy-saving effect, to offer a variety of lighting distribution design, and to achieve the accurate lighting distribution, so that it can get the excellent lighting effect and higher uniformity. But for the ordinary LED lights, its lighting effect is either too bright and too glaring, or not bright enough, so there will be a obvious darkness and uneven illumination.


7. The professional LED stadium lights have no light pollution. And its design of professional light distribution can effectively prevent spillage and glaring, especially it can reduce the spillover of more than 37% on the general sites. But light of ordinary LED lamp is pretty scattered, and it easy to disturb the neighbour residents.


8. The professional LED stadium lights have constant illumination technology, which keep the illumination level and uniformity constant for 50000 hours.


9. The professional LED stadium lights are maintenance-free for three or more years, without any maintenance cost, and the effect and quality are more guaranteed.


10. In addition to having a good lighting environment, a modern indoor sports venue is also indispensable for intelligent lighting control systems. However, ordinary LED lighting fixtures do not have intelligent control systems in the sports industry. The LED lighting for sports lighting is very mature in the intelligent control system. The intelligent lighting system can realize the training entertainment mode, the amateur competition mode, the professional competition mode, the TV broadcast mode, and can also be linked with other subsystems of the intelligent building. The control operation is simple, and can be controlled on the computer and the mobile terminal, improving the management level of the gymnasium, reducing the maintenance cost, good energy saving and emission reduction effect, effectively extending the life of the lamp, and realizing rich and varied lighting control effects.


In summary, the professional LED stadium lights from research and development to production, have invested a lot of human and material resources. All raw materials are the highest quality and some raw materials are still rare items, so these factors lead to a much higher price than ordinary LED lamps.