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Why Is LED Outdoor Lighting Developing Rapidly

Jan 14, 2019

Why Is LED Outdoor Lighting Developing Rapidly?


LED technology is leading the development of the lighting industry, improving the performance, maximizing the energy efficiency and reducing long-term costs. Today, it almost illuminates everything from industrial facilities and medical centers to family homes. But outdoor lighting is one of the first markets to adopt the LEDs.

In this essay, Jay Sachetti, the product manager at Eaton Lighting in the United States, talks about the benefits of the LED technology and why it can grow rapidly in outdoor lighting.

Energy efficient makes LED an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

In the field of outdoor lighting, LEDs can save 50% to 90% of energy compared to high-pressure gas discharge lamps (HID). The initial cost may make some owners hesitate on their upgrading projects, but the effect of LED on energy saving is very significant as the cost can be returned within one to three years.

Another cost-saving way to LED is to reduce the need for maintenance. Sachetti said: " I will forget to change the light bulbs at home. But most outdoor lighting is difficult to handle without a bucket truck and the maintenance cost is very expensive." Because the LEDs are more efficient than HID and metal halide bulbs. Therefore, the lifespan of LEDs is longer.

Consistent light output eliminates “focus effects”.

The light output of high-pressure gas discharge lamps and metal halide lamps is continuously reduced after installation, but for practical reasons, they cannot be replaced once the light output begins to drop.

“High-pressure gas discharge lamps and metal halide lamps, once replaced, are typically 50% lower than the original light output, which means they provide much lower levels of illumination than their original design and usually produce a focus effect. In contrast, the current LEDs have a lumen maintenance rate of over 95% after 60,000 hours, which is enough to maintain nighttime lighting levels of more than 14 years."

Greater light control increases the flexibility and safety of the design.

LED is inherently controllable source that can be combined with highly engineered individual optics to provide better light output and direction.

For safety reasons, the even light distribution is very important in outdoors. " No one would like the dark corners of the parking lot." Sachetti said. " Outdoor LED lighting can help to solve this problem."

LED controllability allows owners to synchronize systems.

LEDs provide complete control solutions for a wide range of areas, including shopping malls and airports. “In the past, lighting and lighting control were completely separate,” says Sachetti. “Now, with the platform provided by LEDs, we can install a single embedded control solution to handle all outdoor and indoor lighting.”

LEDs become "warm".

Due to the improved performance of LED technology and low color temperature, outdoor lighting is gradually moving away from the color temperature range of 5000K to 6000K. Sachetti said: " The managers of most commercial establishments will find that the color temperature of 4000K provides refreshing, clear light and subtle atmosphere, but some types of applications are choosing lamps in the 3000K range to create a warm feeling.”

Now, lighting is just the beginning.

LEDs are more than just lighting. It is an electronic platform that opens the door to new, more flexible solutions. Cameras, sensors and other data collection tools can provide additional value to customers.

Sachetti said: " We are about to have amazing features. Soon, our lights will allow us to pay close attention to the number of vehicles in the parking lot and the pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. This information can help companies improve asset utilization or retail storefronts. And maximize advertising opportunities. And this possibility will also be extended to other applications. If the open-air parking lot has electricity and infrastructure, lighting fixtures can take advantage of this to monitor the surrounding environment in many ways. We will have advanced security capabilities, environmental monitoring, and transportation. Perceived and smarter parking. LED technology creates a platform that helps people determine where to park."