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Why Aging Test is Necessary for LED Lighting

Aug 23, 2019

Why Aging Test is Necessary for LED Lighting

In the usage of LED lamps, the most important thing is to enable them to be used continuously under the maximum effect. The main factors affecting the normal use of LED lamps are dead light rate, heat dissipation and stable luminous efficiency. The main test method is to increase the voltage and current to complete.

The aging of the luminaire is carried out in an environment without forced ventilation and temperature control at 20 ° C -30 ° C. The luminaire is normally ignited according to the specified conditions, and the power is turned on according to the nominal rated voltage of the luminaire or the maximum voltage of the nominal applicable voltage range.

To test the mortality of LED lights, generally speaking, after the LED lamps are finished, the studio will not have problems under the rated voltage and current. However, in the course of use, a short time of high voltage or a sudden power failure may inevitably occur. In order to ensure that the lamp can still work normally after this common situation occurs, it is necessary to test the LED lamp before leaving the factory. In order to check whether the power supply structure is qualified, the welding position is firm, and the bearing capacity of the assembly line has reached a certain standard.

The LED lamp performs the heat dissipation test, and the heat dissipation performance of the LED lamp is directly related to the service life and luminous efficiency of the lamp bead. The aging test method is to make the LED lamp reach its maximum load temperature for a certain period of time. Its internal structure will not be destroyed, and the temperature of each part of the LED lamp will not rise with the increase of the high-intensity working time for a certain period of time.

The LED lamp has high luminous efficiency and good stability. The main factor affecting the luminous efficiency and stability of the LED lamp is the voltage capability of the rectified part of the internal power supply. As long as the power quality is excellent, the general LED lamp can ensure high efficiency within its rated service life and Normal illumination. The general power supply will be equipped with an over-voltage automatic power-off device, which will not have a serious impact on the lamp bead, but will not be excluded. Since the LED light sheet may be wrong during the packaging process, it is necessary to perform a flash test to ensure stable, normal, and efficient operation of the LED light piece.