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What should be focused in football field lighting design

Mar 26, 2019

What should be focused in football field lighting design

The stadium lighting is an important part of the stadium design and is more complicated. It not only meets the requirements of athletes for competition and audience viewing, but also meets the requirements of TV live broadcast on color temperature, illumination, illumination uniformity and so on, which is far stricter than athletes and viewers. In addition, the method of installing the lighting fixtures needs to be closely coordinated with the overall planning of the stadium and the structure of the stands, especially the maintenance of the lighting fixtures is closely related to the architectural design and should be considered comprehensively.

Football is a highly confrontational group sporting event, a popular sport in the world. The history of football development is sufficient to illustrate its vitality and influence. According to the rules of the FIFA, the length of the football field is 105~110m and the width is 68~75m. There should be no obstacles at least 5m outside the bottom line and the side line to ensure the safety of the athletes.

The football lighting is divided into indoor football field lighting and outdoor football field lighting. And the way to install the lighting fixtures is different due to a variety of venues. The lighting standard is depended upon the purposes of football fields, divided into seven levels. For example, the illumination of the training and entertainment activities should reach 200lux, amateur competition is 500lux, professional competition is 750lux, general TV broadcast is 1000lux, large international competition of HD TV broadcast is 1400lux, and TV emergency 750lux.

In the past, traditional football stadiums usually used 1000W or 1500W metal halide lamps, which cannot meet the lighting requirements of modern stadiums due to the disadvantages of the glare, high energy consumption, short lifespan, inconvenient installation, poor color rendering, insufficient actual brightness.

The modern LED football field lighting should have the sufficient illumination above the playing field, but avoid the glare to the athletes. The LED football field lighting should use high mast lights or flood lights. The position of the lighting fixtures can be installed on the edge of the ceiling of the stands or on the top of the light poles, and the light poles is installed around the stadiums. Also, the number and power of the lamps can be determined by the different requirements of various stadiums.