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What is Uniformity of illuminance

Oct 05, 2019

What is Uniformity of illuminance

Illuminance uniformity refers to the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the average illuminance on a given surface. The more uniform the light distribution, the better the illumination, the more comfortable the visual experience, the closer the illumination uniformity is to 1; the smaller the smaller the more the visual fatigue.

Minimum illuminance uniformity values in the visual task area are defined separately, e.g. for work places according to EN 12464-1, and can be gathered from the respective tables, e.g. table.

Uniformity U0 is defined as the quotient Ēmin/Ē of minimum and average illuminance in the visual task area, keeping in mind that this minimum value must not be undercut at any time. Where the decrease in minimum illuminance due to degradation or premature failure of individual lamps progresses more rapidly than the decrease in average illuminance, maintenance or cleaning of the installation must be effected as soon as minimum uniformity is reached.

The uniformity of illuminance U0 for the immediate surrounding area should be at minimum 0,40. The determination of uniformity requires a sufficiently close sequence of calculated or measured localized illuminance values to be able to determine minimum illuminance.