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United States confirmed that lighting can suppress urban crime

Nov 08, 2012

United States city of Austin police department and Austin Energy Department of energy for the urban residents. Since the 2011 year after a surge in violent crime, the two agencies planned for the United States in Austin, three of the most dangerous locations equipped with LED lighting, to prevent crime.

Austin Energy spokesman Carlos Cordova said, well-lit places usually do not sin, because no one wants to do bad things when being seen.

According to the City Police Department's requirements, Austin Energy erected 25 LED lamp. New LED bulb light than the old light bulb lit. Cordova said in good lighting conditions, they can safely engage in entertainment activities without having to worry about security issues.

Austin, 8th and 9th Street lighting test results was so successful that the lighting project is one of a series of policies to fight against urban crime. From 2011 to 2012, January, violent crime is a 15% ... but by July, violent crime had increased only 7.8%. future of the city will conduct a larger project, updates the 70,000 lamp, by Austin Energy expenditure in the budget.

It is reported that the new LED lighting products can reduce the crime rate, used earlier in various countries are Japan, called LED defense-lights have been continuously used on street Lane, in, replacing traditional small lamps of fluorescent lights.

In addition, studies have shown that blue light, can make people more calm, some LED Defense-a blue, white light separated configuration.