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The Lighting Configuration of Tennis Court

Jun 13, 2020

The Lighting Configuration of Tennis Court

The glare problem caused by the unscientific configuration of tennis court poles and lamps will greatly affect the player's performance and the audience's viewing experience. Therefore, the lighting facilities of the entire tennis court should be strictly controlled and scientifically configured to meet the competition needs of all levels of courts and reduce costs.

Here are a few criteria.

1. For tennis courts with no or only a small number of auditoriums, light poles should be arranged on both sides of the court. The light poles should be arranged on the rear side of the auditorium. Tennis courts are suitable for arranging lamps on both sides of the court or in combination with the ceiling above the auditorium. Symmetric lamps are arranged on both sides of the tennis court to provide the same illumination. The position of the poles should meet the actual requirements according to local conditions.

2. The installation height of the tennis court lighting should meet the following requirements: it should not be lower than 12 meters, and the training court lighting should not be lower than 8 meters.

3. The indoor tennis court lighting can be arranged in three ways: two sides, top and mixed. The total length of the two sides should not be less than 36 meters. The aim of the lamps should be perpendicular to the longitudinal centerline of the stadium. The aiming angle should not be greater than 65 °.

4. When selecting the location of outdoor tennis courts, the local geographical factors should be fully considered. The scientific arrangement of lights can solve a series of problems at night. For the daytime playing, the position of the entire court must be scientifically arranged to avoid early morning or dusk. A situation where direct sunlight hits the athlete's eyes occurs.

5. Of course, the scientific configuration of tennis court lighting is inseparable from the choice of lamps. Ordinary lamps are difficult to match the lighting needs of tennis courts because of their versatility, so the lamps used as tennis court lighting must be professionally customized. For tennis courts where the installation height of the lamps is high, the metal halide lamp should be used as the light source, and the LED lamp for tennis court can also be used. For indoor tennis courts with lower ceilings and smaller areas, it is advisable to use small-power LED flood lights for tennis courts with low color temperature. The power of the light source should be suitable for the size, installation location and height of the playing field.