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The Importance of Thermal Management of LED Sports Lighting System

Mar 14, 2019


The Importance of Thermal Management of LED Sports Lighting System


For LED sports lighting system, thermal management is as important as optics, which has a direct impact on the stability and lifespan. On the condition of the same wattage, the lifespan is mainly determined by the capacity of the material of heat sink and the physical design. Longer lifespan means less costs of replacement and maintenance for years to come.


Under the severe competition of today`s LED market, a LED manufacturer can`t corner the market without possessing their unique technology of thermal management to improve the light stability as well as the lifespan. According to Law of Conservation of Energy, the electricity can not be 100% transformed into visible light so the rest electricity becomes the heat energy. If the physical design of thermal system fails to transfer the heat quickly, too much heat will be kept in the led light which leads to shorter lifespan.


After long hours` work, the materials may be partly oxidized with the raise of temperature, which will diminish the quality and then contributes to lumen depreciation. Also, continuous high heat without being transferred efficiently will make it hard to maintain light consistency. When there`s temperature difference between two sides of area, the heat will be transferred automatically through the vent.


Considering of the above, for the purpose of longer lifespan and better performance, here are some workable methods of better thermal management:

1.     Choosing state-of-the-art material to transfer the heat more quickly and resist oxidation.

2.     Creating the convection design of thermal management to allow it to transfer the heat itself efficiently, which is a cost-effective way.

3.     Increasing the area of thermal management exposed to the air.