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The future of OAKled flood light

Sep 22, 2016

  frontp a century ago, on Earth, only 10% of the population live in cities. The early 21st century, this proportion increased to 50%. Scientists predicted that the year 2050, two-thirds of the population will live in cities.stadium lights backpfrontp studies show that urban energy consumption accounted for 70% of global energy consumption will continue to increase this proportion. With the urbanization process unpredictable and fast-growing middle class,high power led flood light the problem faced by gradually increasing human needs: energy shortages, excessive greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity threats, food and water tight, and so on. How to meet the growing energy demands of mankind before humans become an important issue to avoid damage to the environment under the premise.stadium-floodlight backpbackpfrontp Currently, application of intelligent human beings in clean energy research has made a lot of progress. For example, global energy consumption accounted for 19% of the lighting,RGB-led-flood-light LED lighting has become a key node development. backpfrontp data show that 60 percent of lighting energy consumption from urban commercial buildings and public housing, 1000W-LED-flood-light 15% comes from the street street lighting. LED lighting allows lighting to achieve significant energy savings possible \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; replace LED lamps can reduce energy consumption by 40%, saving € 128 billion worldwide, gym-lights representing a decrease of 670 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The researchers predicted that by 2010 - 2015, LED lighting will occupy 50% of the lighting market. backpfrontp LED lighting can significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs later, especially when LED lighting and intelligent lighting control systems together, the effect is even more amazing.led-gym-light Intelligent lighting control system creatively LED lamps, control switches and the perfect combination of Internet programs to provide appropriate lighting brightness at the right time, to further reduce energy use and consumption lamps, and provide for human safety, led-bay-light comfortable lighting experience. backpfrontp With the rising number of urban population, now widely used static, passive street lighting systems are becoming increasingly unable to meet the needs of the city.tennis-court-light Livable cities need street lighting can be adjusted at any time according to changes in transportation and urban activities. backpfrontp as an innovative, holistic urban outdoor lighting solutions, an intelligent outdoor lighting management system called Touch cities emerged. Touch urban systems can provide innovative, intelligent urban,led-tennis-light flexible lighting control solution. Combined with LED-based lighting materials, the system can save 70% of lighting and management costs. backpfrontp touch of urban systems to interoperate via an Internet program that allows users to control outdoor lighting system throughout the city. led-street-lighting Program can provide usage of each city street lamp, including the brightness and loss data, and provides easy-to-control and maintenance programs. For example, in low traffic periods, the program can automatically reduce lighting levels; program corrupted by automatic detection and identification lights, the generated maintenance reports.football-stadium-light backpfrontp Currently, the Argentine capital of Buenos Alice is the application of LED intelligent lighting control technology updates urban street lighting systems. Within three years, the city of 120,005 thousand street lights will replace all smart LED lamps. LED intelligent lighting control system can provide five times for the city's street lighting system in the traditional life,high-power-flood-light saving 50% of energy consumption and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the city.