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The Factors Affect Badminton Court Lighting

Oct 03, 2019

The Factors Affect Badminton Court Lighting

In order to obtain the good badminton court lighting quality in the badminton court, the following factors are usually considered.

1. The illumination of badminton court should be reasonable, which can create a comfortable viewing environment.

2. Considering the uniformity requirement of visual perception, the badminton court should have a exciting but not pretty high brightness contrast, which can highlight the visual effect.

3. The glare should be limited in the badminton courts.

4. The color temperature and color rendering of the badminton courts should make it easy to see the shape of the object and the true color.

5. Various stereoscopic effects can be created by the intensity, beam angle and charge of the light in the badminton courts.

In order to see the badminton competition, especially for televised broadcasting, the brightness of the badminton court is very important. So the badminton court illumination is a key indicator to measure the main lighting effect of the badminton courts.

This illuminance can also provide a satisfactory visual conditions for the audience and athletes. If the horizontal illumination is equal to the vertical illumination, the brightness ratio between the athlete and the field is ideal, and the horizontal illumination cannot be greater than 2 times the vertical illumination in any case. In addition, the illuminance on the stands should be 50% of the average vertical illuminance on the field.

All in all, to have a good lighting quality for the badminton courts, the entire field should have a higher brightness and color contrast, pass sufficient light at each point, get a uniform illumination, show a strong stereoscopic effect, provide a suitable lighting distribution, make the color temperature and color rendering of the light source meet the requirements of colorful TV broadcasting and efficiently limit the glare.

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