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The development of led stadium light-OAKLED

Sep 19, 2016

Integration of acquisitions into the LED lighting industry new normal industry reshuffle is inevitable

frontp moment, LED stadium lighting industry consolidation mergers and acquisitions heat, no less in summer temperatures. China's semiconductor lighting industry enterprises everywhere, LED enterprises mushroomed projections every year is undoubtedly also lead to industry reshuffle. backpfrontp well known that the most efficient means of integration of resources than the merger integration between enterprises. No matter how large the annexation,stadium lights or equity acquisition, have directly contributed to the competing parties resources. Last year, merger integration occurred in the semiconductor lighting industry a lot,high power led flood light, but this year's big event particularly mergers and acquisitions, and from the beginning to now, the event has been brewing for a merger or acquisition has been large-scale, high-force grid staged backpfrontp January!: Epistar 160 million yuan to acquire 94% stake in TSMC Solid State Lighting; backpfrontp March: cree acquisition of US manufacturer of LED panel YESCO, Jinsha River $ 3.3 billion acquisition of Lumileds80.1% stake;tennis court light backpfrontp April: OAKLED Electrical 140 million proposed acquisition of 51% of the shares for the photovoltaic, Qualipak to 496 million yuan acquisition of international interior LED lighting business, LED stadium light,the United States announced the acquisition of lighting equipment manufacturers AcuityBrands ByteLigh, Handler 260 million proposed acquisition of even large technology 100% stake, Huatian Technology 50 million capital increase to acquire Mike photoelectric 51% stake; backpfrontp May: Clean wind energy 2.04 billion yuan to acquire 59% stake in LatticePower; backpfrontp June: LED lighting giant crocodile wholly-owned acquisitions, Kansai lighting, Chau Ming Technology Radiant intends to 215 million acquisition of 40% equity, Ruifeng power to 200 million yuan acquisition of 85% stake in Optical Ling Tao, high power led flood light,Union Optical 100 million proposed acquisition and capital increase Fang control 72.37% stake, Alto Electronics intends to .5 million to acquire 100% stake in thousands of Hui, rectangular lighting 528 million acquisition of 60% stake in Hong Ming Sheng; backpfrontp July: Riyadh intends to spend $ 189 million holding two strong enterprises, Cree acquired APEI Arkansas Power Electronics International, Inc., the world of science and technology proposed 300 million acquisition of Double Glow Lighting Technology 75% stake in Xiamen Cinda subsidiary intends to acquire 75% stake in Optical Hao days, stadium floodlightsLehman photoelectric intends to 230 million acquisition of 100% stake in Rio to enjoy science and technology, the country star power does not exceed 250 million proposed acquisition of 100% stake in Guangdong Desheng, e-Kong intends to acquire Yingrui optoelectronics, lighting company Konka stake in the development of the proposed $ 130 million acquisition of Crystal US BridgeLux, Feile Audio-Visual proposed acquisition Osram channel business; backpfrontp August: August 2014, the original shareholders of fitting nodes hardware Dongguan good friend has a 51% stake to Hongli Opto-electronic leading domestic white package. August 5, 2015, Hongli Opto-electronic re-shot, the remaining 49% stake reverted to the bag; Lehman photoelectric announced that the actual controller Li Iron Man intends to set up in Hong Kong by the holding company invested no more than 25 million euros and Wanda Group, IDG, the Chinese Cultural Foundation, the Oriental Pearl Tower and other parties to participate Rui Shiying Group's equity investment;OAKLED China led lights, capital Beijing Ruifeng power in Granville Technology Co., Ltd. Yi layout smart home market, Mason Technologies LED company intends to acquire 30 million yuan Auman Technology 22% stake \u0026 hellip;