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Standards for Lighting Design of Football Field

Jun 09, 2020

Standards for Lighting Design of Football Field

1. Light source selection

Metal halide lamps should be used in stadiums with a building height greater than 4 meters. Whether it is outdoor or indoor metal halide lamps are the most important light sources that should be prioritized for sports lighting color TV broadcasts.

The choice of light source power is related to the number of lamps and light sources used, and it also affects the parameters such as illuminance uniformity and glare index in lighting quality. Therefore, choosing the light source power according to the site conditions can make the lighting scheme obtain a higher cost performance. The gas lamp light source power is classified as follows: 1000W or more (excluding 1000W) is high power; 1000 ~ 400W is medium power; 250W is low power. The power of the light source should be suitable for the size, installation position and height of the playing field. Outdoor stadiums should use high-power and medium-power metal halide lamps, and indoor stadiums should use medium-power metal halide lamps.

The luminous efficiency of metal halide lamps of various powers is 60 ~ 100Lm / W, the color rendering index is 65 ~ 90Ra, and the color temperature of metal halide lamps is 3000 ~ 6000K according to the type and composition. For outdoor sports facilities, it is generally required to be 4000K or higher, especially at dusk to match with sunlight. For indoor sports facilities, 4500K or higher is usually required.

The lamp must have anti-glare measures.

Open metal lamps should not be used for metal halide lamps. The protection grade of the lamp housing should not be less than IP55, and the protection grade should not be less than IP65 in places that are not easy to maintain or have serious pollution.

2. Light pole requirements

For stadium four-tower or belt-type lighting, high-pole lighting should be selected as the bearing body of the lamp, and the structural form combined with the building can be adopted.

The high lighting pole should meet the requirements in the next column:

When the height of the light pole is greater than 20 meters, the electric lifting basket should be used;

A ladder should be used when the height of the light pole is less than 20 meters. The ladder has a guardrail and a resting platform.

Lighting high poles should be equipped with obstacle lighting according to navigation requirements.

3. Outdoor stadium

The outdoor stadium lighting should adopt the following arrangement:

Arrangement on both sides-The lamps and lanterns are combined with light poles or building roads and are arranged on both sides of the competition field in the form of continuous light strips or clusters.

Four corners arrangement-The lamps and lanterns are combined in a concentrated form and are arranged at the four corners of the playing field.

Mixed layout- a combination of two-sided layout and four-cornered layout.