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Soccer Fields Lighting

Jun 08, 2020

Soccer Fields Lighting

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. With billions of people around the world playing and enjoying it, it's no wonder that soccer fields need proper illumination. After all, it is hard to organize games, especially professional games, if you don't have the ability to play games once the sun goes down. Fortunately, by using the football fields lighting, any stadium can provide as much as much illumination as possible according to the needs of the team, officials and spectators.

A. High mast light

This is traditional setting for any soccer field lighting, no matter if they are located in a small field for practice or a top level league team. This includes hanging a beam of bright light on a high mast structure. This thick metal pole or some type of column is used to hold the lights in place and then point the lamp at an angle towards the pitch. Usually, there are four such positions on any field, one in each corner. This ensures that the goal line at both ends are properly illuminated, while the center of the field gets enough illumination from each cluster of light. In this way, even small training grounds can get light from smaller masts or use more than four masts on the soccer field.

B. Stadium lights

This lighting setting is possible when the stadium is surrounded by some type of stadium. If present, many individual lights are placed inside the stadium structure, usually on the edge of its circular roof. In this way, a halo of lights is formed around the pitch, which produces great illumination with almost no shadow direction unlike the mast-based lighting settings.

With these two settings for soccer fields, the same sport ensures that their matches are well-lit at any time of the day or night.