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Shanghai Think: How to achieve the perfect LED mathematics, physics, lighting combination?

Oct 14, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte], 'Genesis,' he wrote, the first day, God said, Let there be light and there was light. backpfrontp just be the foundation of all things exist. From natural light to the fire, to today's stadium lights, the light of humanity never-ending pursuit. LED light because of the unique nature of the application surface more widely, especially in the operation shadowless applications, there are many unique advantages. backpfrontp It is understood that the use of LED lighting shadowless lamp, shadowless operation variable spot more suitable for different needs than a fixed spot surgery. However, due to variable spot in the adjustment process must meet the requirements of the illumination light distribution requirements, illumination uniformity, requiring shadowless degree and illumination depth requirements, which makes the spot shadowless variable optical analysis becomes more difficult. Is it possible to make the spot backpfrontp smarter? to generate change according to the requirements of illumination, the location?  Shanghai think twice suggested that if there is a mathematical function can be simulated LED stadium light illumination, and set up its arguments as a function of the location and spot size, then In dealing with the change will be much more convenient spot. After backpbackpfrontp multi study attempts Shanghai think twice found that the Gaussian function as LED lighting function, in dealing with changes in the spot has some advantages. Are we through practical and experimental verification of high power LED flood light spot illumination Gaussian fit, the results confirmed that the overall standard deviation is very small, less than 0.01. Working background of Shanghai Academy technical director Shikang think representation. Mobile backpfrontp However, Gaussian function is a mathematical model, use a Gaussian function shadowless illumination for analysis, the most difficult is that the form of Gaussian function must be retrofitted on, that is the width of the spot, the spot position, variable spot when volume, fullness spot these parameters to the function to be summarized. At the same time, this function is to meet the national standard shadowless. It appears that while meeting the more difficult, but after several tests and changes eventually got specific form of the function. backpfrontp Shikang told the 'Engineering 1000W LED flood light', it can be analyzed without the light of other LED light sources or through with light, but very far away from the lamp lighting the Gaussian principle. It should be said, it can be used in some other areas, but in the form of function may be some changes to specific issues. He said that we use Gaussian distribution function analysis of lighting fixtures, but also successful. backpfrontp numerous mathematical function model, in addition to the Gaussian function, Shikang its research and development team believes that the study used to describe the function of LED bay light illumination in this regard, polynomial, Lorentz function, Gaussian function, Viogt functions, and so are their consideration and research object. backpbackpfrontp If you want to have a good understanding of the nature of LED lighting, if you want to improve your design level, if you want to continue to have innovative ideas arise, then you must firmly grasp the laws of physics. In Shikang opinion, optical design say it is very profound, in fact, put it bluntly, it is a most essential physical law: the law of refraction (including the law of reflection), all optical design is obtained from the law of refraction. The mathematical analysis than the laws of physics, it is the sense that something more fundamental, mathematical analysis is a tool, but also a more advanced analysis. In fact, research on LED street lighting up once rose to the nature of the mathematical analysis of the problem, then will be more convenient and more universal. Analysis of the physical nature of the problem is that research questions must be considered, but in addition to analysis of the physical laws, it should also try to consider the problem from the mathematics, which would make it easier to analyze problems, sometimes even unexpected surprise. When Shanghai think twice in the study to describe the Gaussian function LED illumination, will harvest the surprise: the saturation discovered there is an optimal value, in conformity with the shadowless standards, the saturation is not the bigger the better, for a certain range of variation spot and evenness range, an optimum value exists saturation, i.e., the best spot shape, so that at this time in a variety of spot size has a better uniformity. And as long as the beam angle to change its parameters, and the spot position, it can be very easy to describe the intensity of the lamp square cloth. backpbackpfrontp has more than 400 R \u0026 D team in Shanghai think twice, continues to try to use mathematical expressions to describe the LED light intensity square distribution function; multivariate function with fitting way to describe the brightness coefficient distribution function; matrix transformation complete Measured LED color space conversion; energy conservation law for non-imaging optical design and so on. In Shikang opinion, there are many places you can put the existing laws physics, mathematics used in lighting. backpfrontp in three male \u0026 middot; Aurora Lighting Academy was established on the ceremony, Deputy General Manager of the company 陈松辉 has said, LED lighting requires more combined with other professionals, in order to achieve better development. Shikang also holds the same view, he believes, LED lighting can not be simply interpreted as a good-looking, but rather from the line with symmetry, harmony, simplicity and logical to consider these four properties is beautiful. On the other hand, a design, a product, should be a powerful, there is the appearance of the United States, there are reasonable physical core, the exact mathematical formulation. backpfrontp if we can mathematics, physics, lighting organically integrated into a whole, Is not it a beautiful? Shikang said finally, it also gives the LED lighting industry, and then injected a breath of fresh air.