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Selection of Lighting Lamps for Badminton Court

Jun 05, 2020

Selection of Lighting Lamps for Badminton Court

This article compares and analyzes common badminton court lighting fixtures, row lights, metal halide lamps, LED stadium lights, to select the more suitable badminton court lighting fixtures.

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the public. We often go to the indoor badminton court for activities. However, when jumping high and preparing to complete a strong smash, he will be dazzled by the light, so that the judgment of the ball's falling point will be biased, which will affect the interest of sports.

The most fundamental reason is that there is a problem with the lighting of the badminton court. So, which light is more suitable for badminton courts? What kind of lamp should I choose for the badminton court? With so many badminton court lights on the market, which one should be better?

Start with common badminton court lights

I. Badminton court lights-row lights

As one of the earlier badminton hall lamps, the badminton court row lights are a collection of rows of light tubes. The installation height is mostly about 3-6 meters. The disadvantage of row lights is that they have a very short life and need to be replaced frequently. As long as one row of lamps is damaged, the entire row of lamps needs to be removed and replaced, which is time-consuming and laborious; low grade is the second defect. The row of lamps is installed in a low position. Stadium, if the main promotion of high-end unique badminton hall, the row lights will let the entire court become low level, so it is difficult to see the row of lights in professional stadiums.

In short, row lights are basically on the way to being eliminated, not recommended.

Second, badminton court lights-metal halide lamps

Metal halide lamps are not only expensive for badminton halls, but also have a slow start-up time, which is a fatal flaw. It takes about fifteen minutes a longer time to turn on completely, and the start-up time is extremely slow. Imagine that when customers in your pavilion are sweating on the sports field, the lights restart due to tripping or accidental touch, and the metal halide lights restart. It takes 15 minutes. Do you think it is possible for customers to wait for 15 minutes? ? In the long run, it will not only delay your business hours, but also cause customer dissatisfaction, causing customer loss, and reducing operating profits.

Third, badminton court lights-LED lights

Ordinary LED stadium light, illumination less than 200LX

Professional LED lamps are tailored according to the different characteristics of the stadium, anti-glare, high uniformity, non-glare, comfortable, without any light pollution. The lamp body is made of high-quality aluminum profile, which has higher heat dissipation efficiency; and heat dissipation technology and the structure adopts air convection design to ensure the heat dissipation effect; The light source uses imported high-quality high-power lamp beads, with high brightness, light color integrated with the court, long life, softer light.