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Rongyu packaging multi-functional automatic cartoning machine to compete for the Golden Globes 2015 Engineering

Oct 07, 2016

 Frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan ground] product prices continued to fall, labor costs continue to rise, the face of increasingly tough competition in the LED lighting market, lighting companies all have a common aspiration: to increase automation degree. But the face of uneven automation companies, often heart concerns, hesitant. backpfrontp Recently,stadium lights the Guangzhou Yu Rong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Rongyu packaging) launched RY-ZH-80 automatic cartoning machine, is a specially developed for the lighting industry, production automation equipment, designed to further illumination enterprises solve recruitment difficulties, management is difficult, low labor efficiency, high cost problems. Tianjin backpfrontp side Rongyu packaging business manager,led stadium light the company launched this decade sword products, will compete for the year 2015 LED Engineering Technology Innovation Award. backpfrontp RY-ZH-80 automatic cartoning machine has reached the industry's fastest, to achieve automatic packaging 60-80 boxes per minute; most stable performance, with a pass rate of more than 99.5%; also the lowest prices in the industry equipment.high power led flood light Edge Jin said products push the listing, then approved by the majority of lighting companies. backpbackpfrontp product characteristics for the lighting industry, RY-ZH-80 automatic cartoning machine to make technical innovation, while Jin introduction, the machine uses a scientific and rational structure, a multi-use, compatibility, to achieve multi-wattage lighting industry product a general-purpose machine. The machine uses PLC control, photoelectric monitor all parts of the operation, abnormal operation occurs,1000W led flood light it can automatically stop display reason for timely troubleshooting. backpfrontp RY-ZH-80 chassis fitted inside the main drive motor and clutch and brake, and the machine is equipped with various parts of the board driveline torque overload protection, in the case of overload, to achieve the main drive motor with the transmission section off open, to ensure the safety of the machine. In addition, it features intelligent detection means, no less than the tray material automatic,RGB led flood light convenient and former equipment linked to work. backpfrontp RY-ZH-80 can be replaced according to different user requirements Packing, regulating and commissioning is simple, suitable for mass production of a single species, but also to meet the user's production of small quantities of many varieties. Edge Jin said the device has the product count and operating speed display. In addition, the cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel, suitable for CMP requirements. backpfrontp It is understood that the product has won the Foshan Lighting,led tunnel light Linsen shares, Jiang Theo its Andean, NVC, Jiangxi United States, Jiangmen GMY lighting and other companies widely praised. backp