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Prospect of LED lighting technology

Oct 15, 2014

At present, energy-efficient lighting and LED industries, there are many problems, one is the higher price of energy-saving lamps and LED lighting, industrial development was slower than expected; the second is the lighting industry standard chaos, low barriers to entry; the third is a lack of core technology, a lack of innovation and LED products.

Silver forward finance analyst Teng Sun Xudong analysis LED the development potential of the industry, he pointed out that with the upcoming universal LED lighting era, estimates the global LED industry output in 2011 will amount to us $ 20.8 billion, an annual growth of 38%; 2012 would reach $ 30 billion, annual growth rates of more than 40% 2013 had an opportunity to challenge the 50 billion dollar mark, the annual growth rate will reach over 60%. There are signs that the next 3-5 years, truly replace traditional lighting of LED lighting era is coming, then basic market conditions LED in every household will be perfect. LED industry will undergo a major reshuffle, market restructuring campaign.

In addition to lighting, Sun Xudong said that explosion-proof lamps, LED the industry in areas such as smart phones, tablet computers have a wide range of applications. As smart phones, tablet computers and prosperity as well as the penetration rate of LED LCD TV lift quickly, LED backlight boost short-term rapid LED market growth will become the main driving force.