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Professional LED Marine lighting solution

Jun 18, 2020

Professional LED Marine lighting solution

LED lighting is a bit more obvious and has broad development prospects than traditional lighting methods. In general, LEDs have the advantages of long life, high efficiency, high brightness, small footprint, controllable color and brightness, and soft and rich color temperature. Therefore, the application of LED in ships can make full use of its advantages to create a more efficient and suitable lighting environment for ships and personnel.

1 Advantages of LED as a Marine Lighting Fixture

The emergence of LED has brought a green lighting environment. LED has no infrared, ultraviolet and heat radiation, no flicker, high reliability and long service life. At the same time, the LED structure is compact, easy to install, and noiseless, which makes it more suitable as a marine lighting source. As a marine lighting fixture, LED has the following more obvious features:

(1) Environmental protection and high safety. Traditional lamps contain a large amount of toxic gases and fragile glass. After being broken, the toxic gases will volatilize into the air and pollute the environment. However, LEDs do not contain toxic gases, and do not contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Can create a green lighting environment for the crew. In the process of use, traditional lamps will generate a large amount of thermal energy, while LED lamps convert most of the electrical energy into light energy, which will not cause waste of energy. As a marine lamp, there is no hidden danger of explosion caused by static electricity; the LED lamp body itself Epoxy is used instead of traditional glass, which is stronger and safer.

(2) No noise and no radiation. LED lamps do not generate noise, which is very suitable for cockpits, chart rooms, and other places where high concentration of attention is required, as well as crew rest places. Traditional lamps use AC power, so they will produce 100 ~ 120HZ strobe. LED lamps convert AC power to DC power directly, without flicker and electromagnetic radiation.

(3) Adjustable voltage and rich color temperature. Traditional lamps cannot be turned on when the voltage drops. The LED lamps can be lighted within a certain range of voltage, and the brightness can be adjusted. At the same time, the LED's color temperature range is 2000 ~ 9000K, which can create different lighting effects and create a good lighting environment for the crew.

(4) Simple maintenance and long life. The power consumption of LED is less than 1/3 of the energy-saving lamp, and the life is 10 times that of traditional lighting fixtures. It has a long service life, high reliability, low use cost, and the impact of severe ship vibration is not large.

Now take the 320,000t crude oil ship lighting as an example. If the fluorescent lamp on the ship and the incandescent lamp are replaced by OAK LED lighting, in the same lighting effect, by comparison, it is only 25% of the total power of the fluorescent lamp and incandescent lamp, saving 50160W of effective power and current It is 197A, and the energy consumption saved per hour is 50KW. The selection of the capacity of the generator, battery and power distribution switch on the ship has been reduced a lot; the rated capacity of the transformer has been reduced by about 50%; the light weight of the LED lamp is also light, and the corresponding lamp bracket is also light, which can reduce the weight of the ship and increase the load capacity of the ship; Because the LED power is small, the corresponding cable core cross-sectional area is also small. It is conservatively estimated that the cable core cross-sectional area can be reduced by 33% compared to the original. In summary, LED can save a lot of equipment costs for enterprises, and bring benefits and considerable economic benefits.

2 Technical problems that LED needs to solve as a marine lighting source

LED light sources must be combined with drivers, optical components, structural enclosures, etc. to complete the lighting task. Ship equipment has been in a wide range of voltage fluctuations for a long time. In the environment of electromagnetic interference, vibration, shock, salt spray, high temperature and humidity, oil mist and mold, it has higher requirements for the reliability and maintainability of marine lighting equipment. . The use environment of ships is much higher than the general general lighting environment. Therefore, marine LED lighting lamps are different from general lighting products. LED lighting fixtures for ship lighting need to be developed for the use environment of ships, and the following technical issues need to be solved:

(1) Solve the problem of glare through optical design. LED is a point light source. If it shines directly on the eyes, it will feel dazzling and uncomfortable. Therefore, the light of the lamp must be treated specially to achieve a soft and non-dazzling effect. OAK LED uses TIR PC optical lens to change the route of light so that the light will not hit the glasses directly, greatly reducing the effect of glare.

(2) Solve thermal issues. LED is a functional device, which is greatly affected by the current and temperature. After the power is turned on, the high temperature generated by the chip will cause the LED's luminous efficiency to drop sharply, the electrodes will be damaged, the epoxy resin will age quickly, the light decay will accelerate, and even the end of life. Therefore, improving the heat dissipation ability is the most critical issue to ensure the life of the LED. The lamp should be designed with reasonable heat dissipation to ensure that the heat generated by the LED can be quickly transmitted. Only the junction temperature of the LED is lower than 105 ° C can ensure the life of the light source. In order to ensure reliable use in the environment of large voltage fluctuations, it is necessary to follow the design standards of switching power supplies. Open-circuit and short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection, constant current output, and lightning protection and anti-surge design ( (It can effectively prevent the impact of lightning over 4Kv). For a 50W LED driver, a soft start must be added. OAK LED uses a modular scale heat sink structure, which has a very sufficient heat dissipation area and sufficient space to increase the rate of air flow and effectively conduct the heat generated by the chip. And using Meanwell HLG power supply, high stability, over current, over voltage, over heat protection device.

(3) Solve the problem of salt spray corrosion. Although the silicon wafer of the LED light source is sealed by epoxy resin, the pads of the LED are still exposed, and the soldering part is liable to fail under the corrosion of the salt spray, thereby causing the LED to fail. OAK solves the problem through two methods: ① improving the product's shell protection level, covering the solder joints and wiring with silicone to ensure that there is no water vapor inside the luminaire; ② the aluminum material of the luminaire has been treated with oxidation to prevent corrosion.

(4) Solve the problem of blue light hazards. LED can obtain white light and use it for lighting. At present, the most common method to obtain white light is to use blue LED chips to excite the phosphor. The LED emits blue light. The blue light is divided into two parts. Mixing with the yellow-green light produced produces white light. This characteristic determines that there must be blue light in the light emitted by the LED. However, blue light will cause damage to the human retina. To avoid the harm of blue light, one is to reduce the color temperature, and the other is to install a diffusion cover on the surface of the LED light source.

LED's reliability, no electromagnetic radiation and its specific luminous mechanism give it outstanding advantages. Due to the small luminous body, large medium density, concentrated light emission, high brightness, good penetrability and low energy consumption, it is suitable for marine lighting. With the continuous upgrading of LED lighting technology, intelligent LED lighting will be widely used in marine lighting.