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Why is it important to point the light to the right place

Dec 26, 2019

Why is it important to point the light to the right place?

Undoubtedly, large areas require high accuracy. One of the most important things to consider when illuminating a large external space is not the amount of light produced by the bulb, but the flow of light. If a lot of light will hit the sky, and the ground below will definitely be incorrectly illuminated, there is no need to set up a lamp with a high lumen output.

LEDs are directional lights, which means that they emit a specific range of light and do not spread all objects to the entire place like high-intensity discharge lamps. They have many diodes with specific optics and also emit light uniformly over the entire surface area. Because HID lamps are omnidirectional, they need to be used with reflectors to direct light where needed. However, the reflector will never be 100% efficient and can lose up to 30% of the lumens throughout the reflection process.

LED lights do not trigger glare, and their optics focus the light generated by the LED chip where it is needed. Optics adjust the illumination pattern by providing a narrower beam angle.

If your high poles use traditional lighting systems, you may need to tilt them to direct the lights to a specific location. In addition, traditional lights tend to form intense specks directly underneath them, creating luminescence.

LEDs are gradually replacing traditional lights in high pole lights, which have been used in large-scale applications such as commercial places and automatic parking areas. They also replace the old lighting systems used in sports fields, which required high light levels and no flickering lights to allow TV cameras to capture everything clearly.