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OAK LED stadium light,high power led flood light

Sep 20, 2016

  Lighting Series high volatility index. The overall tone lighting series index is consistent with the overall index, fell 1.72 percent in July, although slightly compared with June,stadium lights, but the momentum is still strong, remain high volatility of the situation. Due to weak demand for real estate, resulting in decreased sales, investment slowdown, led stadium light,surplus of unsold homes, the cooling from the 2014 continued into 2015. Affected by this, whether it is commercial lighting decoration needs and scale purchase commercial real estate, hotel projects are continued to shrink, lighting series index lack of support force,high power led flood light, to maintain a narrow range. From May this year, the real estate market began to heat up, the second quarter of 2015 grew better than expected in 7%, thanks to a bold move and adhere to the government's macro-control economic structural reforms, stable economic growth in the second half, paving the roads, tennis court light,but also for the development of the real estate industry is closely related to the lighting industry, lighting products, has laid a solid foundation of supply and demand. backpfrontp (4) light source series index rallied. Light Series Index July average number of 93.28 points, up 2.19 percent compared with June, down significantly, the V-shaped trend was positive. Rare earth prices to fall this year for the tone, the overall volatility is not,led stadium light, at various interest factors reduce mercury content, LED products shock, light series withstand pressure, Change staggered, but overall gradually stabilized. With the gradual stabilization of various types of light source raw material costs, analysts believe, light products in the next period of time,stadium floodlights although fluctuations, but overall is still to stabilize the main, or a slight increase in the space. backpfrontp summary: backpfrontp in the entire macro-economic and environmental impact of industrial lighting industry, lighting industry first half of 2015 the overall environment is indeed Xiao Jing, especially in the domestic lighting market performance is quite sluggish. But the cold finally passed in the first half, gym lights,the final stage of the market from the first half of gradually warmed, for lighting companies, is expected to boom in sales ahead of the arrival. With the second half of 2015 is expected to decorate active market, lighting industry rebounded space also increases, many companies are gathering strength, preparing to greet the coming season. Industry sales peak seasons are determined by the market, but the company's short season but it is the strength of enterprises and preparing the decision. Therefore, under the premise of the terminal market demand is still there, stadium lights,the fight is their own strength. Companies should take the initiative to actively expand sales channels, increase sales, with excellent quality and service, to maintain a strong fighting competition in the market, it is the business of the invincible king.