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First half of the small domestic market size of LED spacing over 600 million yuan,oak led flood lighting

Sep 28, 2016

According to the statistics show that the first half of 2015 China LED market size of a small pitch more than 600 million yuan, compared to the first half of 2014, an increase of over 50%. backpfrontp small pitch LED display since 2012 to enter the market,stadium lights the advantages of its Infinity in large-screen display market performance of the head, in 2014 a small pitch LED products to achieve a 900 million in sales. backpfrontp 2015 annual size of about 1.56 billion, compared to 900 million in 2014, the market size, an increase of 71.9%. Looking at the market in the first half, the small distance between LED market has six power: backpfrontp 1. Hikvision and Dahua rapid introduction of security companies,led-stadium-light the market once again detonated backpfrontp In early 2015, Philips and Riyadh signed a strategic cooperation, With Liard products and technology, Philips channels and brand advantages, high-profile fine pitch LED market. Foreign brands, Samsung Electronics launched P1.1 Following the acquisition of YESCO small spacing. backpfrontp domestic brands,high-power-led-flood-light in addition to Vewell, 2015 Hikvision and Dahua security companies have also been put into a small pitch LED display market in the past, the small distance between LED products into the monitoring field, and in the first half began to P1.2 Products The application cases. backpfrontp 2.P2.0 and P1.6 become mainstream, P2.5 gradually routinized backpfrontp small pitch LED products since 2013, P2.0, P1.8, P1.5, P1.4, P1.2 another, From the sales proportion of view,1000W-LED-flood-light P2.5 the following product sales has begun to decline, the proportion of sales volume point of view, the first half of 2015 the following P2.5, P2.0 and P1.6 product is almost one-third of the world situation, and 2014 product structure occur very big change. backpfrontp Specifically, P2.5 the main face of the larger, more limited budget customers, applications more widely, RGB-led-flood-light as prices fell significantly, the mainstream LED display enterprises are turning to P2.0 product smaller pitch products; backpfrontp P2. 0 (P1.8-P1.9) is currently rather awkward situation, high-end customer products to gradually shift P1.6, P1.6 pitch due around six square meters can be achieved in full HD display, the current relatively high customer acceptance,led-bay-light become factory main product, higher than the proportion of sales of P2.0. backpfrontp 3. official purchasing remains an important breakthrough, high backpfrontp industrial applications is well known that a small pitch LED LCD product prices relatively high, relatively few applications in the security surveillance, the main control room applications. backpfrontp application from the industry point of view, mainly in the army and government and public services (mainly public security), accounted for more than 50% higher broadcasting and transport sectors, accounted for more than 10%,led-tunnel-light the energy sector requires relatively heightening, DLP products are still advantages Strong, specific gravity is relatively low, accounting for 9%. Public venues larger space, conventional LED indoor display can meet, require fewer P3 products. backpfrontp 4.led-arena-light Chinese manufacturing to Chinese wisdom made for small pitch LED business opportunities backpfrontp 2015, the State presented the Internet + and 'Made in China 2025,' the relevant policies, clearly to promote information technology and industrialization, the depth of integration as the main line, and vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing, and build strategic industrial manufacturing power ecosystem and new manufacturing mode under conditions of informatization.gym-lights backpfrontp in intelligent manufacturing information technology ecosystem, not only will collect the tip of each controller, the data sensors, machine vision, intelligent robotics, machine control equipment and other devices, but also through the plant area of video surveillance, information dissemination and networking facilities etc., tennis-court-light to remote monitoring information management, can be seen a small pitch applications including LED displays, including large-screen display products will be significantly increased. backpfrontp 5. video conference room into small pitch LED display backpfrontp important goal in the current Internet + background, traditional enterprises are faced with the transition to a modern enterprise,led-street-lighting the video conference will promote corporate restructuring, as a substitute for traditional business meeting. backpfrontp small pitch LED display products, with its large size, no patchwork, low power consumption and other advantages, is becoming the new darling of large enterprise video conferencing. Under the combined effect of performance improvements and lower prices and other factors, high-end conference room applications,China-led-light will be an important breakthrough small pitch LED display products. backpfrontp 6. smart city construction in full bloom, small pitch LED display to usher in development opportunities backpfrontp present, the domestic smart city construction has entered a substantive stage of development from the floor to 2015 was the golden period of the comprehensive construction of smart city, the country has more than 400 cities announced construction of smart city.stadium-floodlights field backpfrontp smart urban construction, public safety, transportation, livelihood, etc. are closely related with the use of LED display, especially Hikvision and Dahua security companies introduce small pitch LED products, Chau Ming science and technology will also be used as security monitoring business Important areas of concern, which will expand a small pitch LED display products in the wisdom of urban construction applications.