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Vanke transboundary LED intelligent lighting turned 'bulb switch company---OAK LED flood light

Sep 26, 2016

Vanke transboundary LED intelligent lighting turned 'bulb switch company'frontp this year, we are changing.stadium-lights On the real estate field, had to repair the house of your home, give you send the milk, grain and oil; you have to repair the mall,high-power-led-flood-light you can now travel with you to help you teach children \u0026 hellip; I heard that now the world's largest real estate developer Vanke, even diverted to start the light bulb switch business this is how it turned the light bulb switch backpbackpfrontp Vanke Vanke Company backpfrontp Micro Signal Vanke Weekly in August 18 Push a paper:Vanke development of intelligent hardware vLight: redefining lighting . ' backpfrontp Vanke really redefining lighting? Did not think talking about light and lighting throughout,1000W-LED-flood-light the last to know that it just wanted to redefine the switch, namely the definition of the switch from the angle of the light. This time the object of product development intelligent photoelectric touch device vLight (light source is LED). backpfrontp however,tennis-court-light alleged that the product has not yet formed, we are in the adaptation of improved consumer habits. You can see from the weekly questionnaire Vanke, the Vanke touch switch vlight, prices between 50 to 110 yuan.led-arena-light backpfrontp while on Taobao, a number of extensive design and no touch screen switch, quoted at less than 30 yuan. Currently Taobao explosion models (conventional models), a long-established brand Taobao offer only 7.3 yuan. Why do Vanke backpfrontp lamp switch backpfrontp but the question is: Vanke do not make good housing,gym-light why do electrical Is the house no longer marketable, but the semi-annual report backpfrontp Vanke disclosure of the first half of this year, Vanke total sales amount? 109.96 billion yuan, up 9.0 percent; in the first half operating income of 50.27 billion yuan, an increase of 22.72%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 4.85 billion yuan, an increase of 0.77%. This is not a losing posture ah! Backpfrontp according to the lighting industry sources say, now is not the era of extensive built a rough housing units will be able to return the money, the developer must pursue fine. This intelligent photoelectric touch, they may be testing the waters in China Vanke a smart home.led-bay-light backpfrontp Vanke only do this if a product, intelligent home to help their transition is not large, probably to a third party company to do, but if the questionnaire was willing to buy the whole house provided by the Vanke a high standard of LED lamps? led-road-light This option look the possibility of Vanke involved in lighting is not small, and even behind it may be involved in is to create a set of smart home system, so the latter part of its property management, enhance the value of great help. backp