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Cross-border Keheng LED revenue shares why contrarian growth?

Sep 20, 2016

 Engineering LED Zhuangao】 【frontp [text / Engineering LED Gan Qin] July 13, Branch constant shares (300340.SZ) released first half 2015 results notice said that the overall impact of industry and market, high power led flood light,the company this year half net profit or loss overall. backpfrontp Recently, Branch constant share performance report disclosed the first half of the reporting period, the company realized main business income 184,497,100 yuan, down 2.97 percent over the previous year, operating cost is 172.1883 million yuan, an increase of 4.4% over the previous year. stadium lights,IWC chairman Jiang backpfrontp Keheng shares pointed out that the company's high stock price of rare earth luminescent materials and the impact of falling, leading to the current company's main products of rare earth luminescent materials sales revenue and gross profit dropped significantly. In addition, a subsidiary of Union Branch constant Shares Teng Technology performance below expectations, resulting in increased losses.led stadium light backpfrontp It is understood that, in August 2013, Branch constant shares completed Teng Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen City of mergers and acquisitions, prompting the company to get involved in LED terminal industry. Proton Technology's main business includes LED electronic display, LED lighting technology development, production, leasing and sale.high power led flood light backpfrontp IWC Jiang said, Branch Heng Teng Technology shares held 51% stake in the company, according to the acquisition commitments, Teng science and technology in 2013 from August to December, 2014 the year 2015 audited net profit after tax of not less than RMB 200 million, 400 million, 6 million yuan. backpfrontp 2014 annual and first half of 2015, led stadium light,Teng Technology net profit was -179.52 million (audited) and -484.02 million (unaudited), IWC Jiang said that although the United Teng Technology business scale and gradually increase, but profit ability failed to achieve expected results can be achieved subsequent commitment and the corresponding compensation performance can be achieved if there is uncertainty.tennis court light backpfrontp However, from Branch constant shares of the main rare earth luminescent materials, lithium battery materials and LED projects three main business point of view, lithium battery materials and LED projects have achieved earnings growth. backpfrontp report shows that in the first half Branch constant Shares luminescent material to achieve operating income 94,963,800 yuan, down 33.80 percent, the lithium material to achieve operating income 69,041,200 yuan, gym lights,an increase of 136.28%, LED project achieved operating income of 20.1502 million yuan, an increase of 18.26% . backpfrontp IWC Jiang said the report period, the company's existing research and development projects as planned in an orderly way. All R \u0026 D projects according to market conditions and technical maturity, is divided into short,high power led flood light medium and long-term projects. Successful completion of the R \u0026 D projects, will help the company enhance the competitiveness of their products and further expand market share. backpfrontp successful development of new fields, especially LED projects, led street lighting but also to the company to find a new growth point. IWC Jiang pointed out, which belong to the company's new projects in the field of nitride red phosphor which has been in steady sales, the company is organizing the research and development of better performance of products. backpfrontp IWC Jiang Jieshao, the report period, LED phosphor R \u0026 D projects according to plan, part of the project has been to the customer validation phase, stadium floodlights it has been recognized by customers. Among them, the high rate of green powder coated phosphor dispersion technology, special flux, preparation and performance improvements UV powder, a high rate of blue powder coating has been recognized by customers and bulk stable production. backpfrontp With the rapid development of LED, the light efficiency and color rendering index of the increasingly high demand, IWC Jiang said, stabilize the company's project development phosphor fluorescent powder properties, mainly used to adjust the color temperature and increase white LED color rendering properties. Has been certified by the customer, is small batch production process. backpfrontp the future, Branch constant Shares will further optimize product positioning, research and extension work to develop LED and other new rare earth luminescent materials.