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OAK LED stadium light,high power led flood light

Sep 19, 2016

One third of the world COB 8.27 Foshan outcome-OAKLED

frontp Hongli Opto-electronic (300219) will host the August 27 at the third floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Foshan China strongest seal LED Circuit Symposium Hongli Opto-electronic COB technology exchanges, stadium lights and carries a full range of integrated packaging products COB meeting show debut! backpfrontp According to relevant data, COB packaging products in our overall share has more than 7 percent, are widely used in street lights,led stadium light direct type backlight, lighting and other high brightness applications of high-power LED, the demand from the 18.5 billion in 2014 to $ 27 billion in 2017, the annual compound growth rate will reach 13%. International packaging manufacturers predict that by 2017 the power, COB, in terms of power output from the third world. high power led flood light,backpfrontp this end, Hongli Opto-electronic joint Darko Poor's and Germany will host the August 27 at the third floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel Shenzhen China strongest seal LED Circuit Symposium CREE COB technology exchanges, gym lights and carries a full range of COB integrated package devices such as suits COB LM \u0026 lt; series, flip COB ceramics LC003, LF002, and flip COB automotive lighting and other products on display at the conference debut. backpfrontp while Hongli Opto-electronic solutions for the integration of supporting customers to achieve high optical quality application effect, to present you flip advanced COB indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and automotive illumination technology, not to be missed! At the same active site raffle will be held in several rounds Huawei charm 7 phones, stadium floodlights DUV LED portable sterilizers, DUV LED electronic band-aid, and porcelain tableware and other gifts for all award backpbackpfrontp Event Calendar backpbackpfrontp! Note: Please scene released the final agenda shall prevail. Stay tuned backpfrontp Activity Description backpfrontp 1, lottery rules:! When you sign in, please submit your business card or fill out business cards, our staff will unify the collected business cards and business cards placed in the raffle box. Prizes will be randomly selected. Draw only for audience participation workshop attendance. backpfrontp 2, Activity Award: Activity Set several rounds of lucky draw, will send Huawei charm 7 phones, DUV LED electronic band-aid, DUV LED portable sterilizers, lighting Popular Science, blue and white porcelain serving dishes, the chance of winning a lot of oh backpfrontp Venue backpfrontp!

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