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'Buy is to make' the number of those who survived the stock market crash of the number of LED shares---OAK led flood light

Sep 27, 2016

  Text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] 8.24 days, Black Monday.stadium lights The Shanghai A-share index plunged 297.83 points, down by a rate of 8.49 percent, a record biggest one-day drop in eight years, gave up all the gains in 2015. backpfrontp not so investor pressure of cross God, August 25, A huge stocks continue to fall,led stadium light the Shanghai Composite Index fell 244.94 points, down 7.63 percent. backpfrontp two days, A shares on the Shanghai Composite Index fell to 2964 points from 3500 points. August 24, more than 20 stocks rose; August 25, is only 40 stocks rose. Many stocks hit bottom.high-power-led-flood-light backpfrontp LED listed companies are not immune, two days, most of the state is maintained at the lower limit. However, there are 10 LED backpfrontp stocks lucky survived the stock market crash, because these stocks are in suspension in. backpfrontp As of August 25, 1000W-led-flood-light HC SemiTek, Riyadh, joint construction of photovoltaic, Mason Technologies, Dongshan Precision, East Crystal Electronic, beneficial up, snow Wright, Jiawei shares, South LED photoelectric ten shares of listed companies is still in suspended, the suspension of the reasons most of them are due to the issuance or asset restructuring and other major issues.RGB-led-flood-light backpfrontp HC SemiTek (300323.SZ) on August 11 announced the proposed issue of shares by way of cash payment and China to buy 100% stake in Yunnan aquamarine Technology Co., Ltd. backpfrontp raised 600 million yuan set by first used to pay 154 million yuan in cash to the counterparty on the price,tennis-court-light invested 324 million yuan for the same time after completion of the acquisition of technology for replenishment of aquamarine and aquamarine technology investment projects; the remaining part by HC SemiTek to supplement working capital.led-tunnel-light backpfrontp Mason Technologies (002654.SZ) plan to increase stake in Zhongshan City Lighting Co., Ltd. Auman. Dongshan Precision (002384.SZ) suspended from July 3, planning non-public offering backpfrontp Wright (002076.SZ) suspended from July 2, major events planned for the issuance of shares to buy assets, the assets of your business for the Internet industry,led-bay-light the automobile intelligent electronics industry, initially expected the acquisition amount is not less than 300 million yuan. backpfrontp beneficial up (002137.SZ) suspended from March 20, the proposed issue of shares and payment of a total of 635 million yuan in cash, which paid a total of 381 million yuan shares, the purchase of advertising along, Chin advertising and propaganda ad 100% equity interest, while supporting fund-raising 635 million yuan.gym-lights backpfrontp East Crystal Electronic (002199.SZ) suspended since April 20, the reason for the major asset restructuring. backpfrontp joint construction of photovoltaic (300269.SZ) planning major issues for the company intends to acquire the advertising media industry, to discuss the transaction amount is expected to bid for the assets of not less than 600 million yuan. backpfrontp Liard (300296.SZ) suspended from July 27 to suspend the reasons for the planned public offering of shares backpfrontp points Jiawei shares (300317.SZ) suspended from July 8 South backpfrontp planning a major reorganization of assets photovoltaic (300346.SZ) From June 25 to suspend reclassified major issues