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Three new board intends to Xiamen-Po 'Transfer' GEM interim net profit increase 33.14%

Sep 22, 2016

 [text / Engineering LED Zhao Hui] rotation plate for three new board listed companies is undoubtedly a great temptation, especially GEM up to 100 times earnings and three new board trading deserted contrasting. backpfrontp In this situation,stadium-lights many of the new three board listed companies began a trip switch board, LED light Po electronic enterprises in Xiamen which is also a member. Recently backpfrontp light Po electronic disclosure of fiscal 2015 interim report. Earnings data show that from January to June 2015,led-stadium-light the light Po electronic operating income reached 120 million yuan, representing an increase of 18.39%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 14,221,700 yuan, an increase of 33.14%. backpfrontp Excluding government subsidies and other non-recurring items, light Po electronic interim net profit rose more than 50%.stadium-floodlights backpfrontp Statistics show that light Po electronic application products mainly engaged in LED lighting, intelligent lighting systems, LED package device, LED backlight assembly, FPC development, production and sales. The company mainly through direct way, high-power-led-flood-light,with the core products of independent research and development designed to meet the diverse needs of large customers, and build long-term relationships. In January 2014, in light Po electronic three new board listing. backpfrontp light Po electronic Main business (Production) list Unit: million backpbackpfrontp Currently, 1000W-led-flood-light,light Po electronic focus on the development of LED lighting products, especially LED intelligent lighting control system design, development, to provide for the needs of different customers more comprehensive product solutions, has accumulated a large customer resources. Up to now, the light Po electronic domestic and overseas market revenue basically half and half. backpfrontp July 3,RGB-led-flood-light Po electronic bulletin that was received 'China Securities Regulatory Commission administrative license application processing notice', the company submitted 'IPO and listing on the GEM' Application Materials July 2, 2015 It has been accepted by the Commission. By the National SME share transfer system (three new board) application, since July 6, stadium-lighting 2015 opening date of the audit results to determine the stock public offering, the company will suspend the transfer of shares in the new board. According to the SFC website published backpfrontp IPO business case. Current approval status light Po electronic GEM IPO is displayed as has been accepted.tennis-court-lights According backpfrontp light Po electronic disclosure 'Xiamen-Po Electronics Co., Ltd. GEM IPO prospectus (draft report).' displays, the light Po electronic proposed public offering of not more than 2895 shares on the GEM. backpfrontp which 130 million yuan to raise funds for the LED lighting product expansion project,led-tennis-light will also use funds raised 37.91 million yuan into research and development center expansion. backpfrontp GGII expects the second half of 2015, market concentration will be further enhanced in various fields will become more leading companies have technical advantages and economies of scale. With the rapid increase demand for LED lighting, LED industry will usher in the peak period of development, stadium lights industry chain will enter a new round of expansion, fabric channels to grab more market share. backpfrontp light Po electronic board will undoubtedly seek to turn golden illumination hope the next three years in LED, leveraging the capital market to achieve leapfrog development. backp