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OAK LED industry---stadium lights,tennis court light

Sep 21, 2016

Interpretation of the LED industry in the first half of the six keywords that something!

 Engineering LED Huang Yaping In recent years the explosive growth of the LED industry, become the object of pursuit of funds from various quarters. The first half of 2015 from the point of view of each segment,stadium light LED fierce market competition intensified, although compared to last year, a decline in the overall growth rate; while the downstream application link still rapid growth momentum. Features on the development of LED lighting industry has, we interpret LED lighting industry development and changes in the second half of the following keywords.led stadium light Keywords: M \u0026 A wave from the last year to the first half of this year, LED industry mergers and acquisitions among frequent LED production and research, according to the Institute of Engineering (GGII) survey data show that in 2014, high power led flood light,mergers and acquisitions as a whole amounted to 6.07 billion yuan, and this year The 1--8 months, the amount of mergers and acquisitions has reached 29.31 billion yuan of scale, mergers and acquisitions have doubled the amount of 5 times. Zhang Xiaofei, tennis court lights,said the next two years the cumulative amount of mergers and acquisitions will reach hundreds of billions, 500 million yuan more than the scale of M \u0026 A cases will increase, at the same time, the merger will move toward internationalization, foreign merger cases will also be simultaneously increased. For this reason, if you want the majority of SMEs out of the doldrums, stadium floodlights,the product must be refined, so special, innovative business model requires a combination of e-commerce, all chips and other personalized labels, by fabless production model, to minimize the production or not production, at the same time as vertical, vertical integration model, 1000W led flood light,to promote cooperation among industries, otherwise you will embark on mergers and acquisitions or exit road. HC SemiTek through the issuance of shares and cash to buy the way China Yunnan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 100% stake in aquamarine.RGB led flood light Acquisition of Yunnan aquamarine solve the most important problem of raw materials, also make up the HC SemiTek open LED upstream industry chain key ring. M Li Feng Jin Xiang became the cultural and educational media Liard LED stylistic key to profit model innovation. tunnel light,Mason Technologies 30 million yuan to acquire 22% stake Auman technology, open up the downstream channel at the same time to digest its packaging capacity. GGII expects the second half of 2015, market concentration will be further enhanced in various fields will become more leading companies have technical advantages and economies of scale. With the rapid increase demand for LED lighting,led bay light LED industry will usher in the peak period of development, industry chain will enter a new round of expansion, fabric channels to grab more market share. Keywords: Internet + Internet + first appeared in the government work report Premier Li Keqiang, becoming a new national strategy. LED industry is no exception, the major companies are have been gearing up, the combination of the Internet and industry, and constantly create new products, football stadium light,new services and new models to promote Internet + strategic action. So what is LED + is another profit growth point to do the main industry in the LED business, based on the offer;? Is more likely to achieve the LED business opportunities; also a test for LED entrepreneurs wisdom and courage. Apply chairman Dr. Zhang Xiaofei LED Engineering sentence, + good called good, + bad,China led light it is \u0026 lsquo; sandwiched \u0026 rsquo; a. Country star power (002,449) to be not more than 250 million yuan transferee Electronic Group 100% stake in Guangdong Desheng its entire interest held by some corresponding open LED + electronic integrated door. Three male Aurora, although not a listed company, but its LED + design concept has first. stadium floodlight,It seems that the Internet + is speed, flat competition, not just the product of intelligent simple upgrade, but the Internet industry chain of smart upgrade, LED companies need to understand how leveraging the Internet, rather than simply marked with the stigma of the Internet. Keywords: small pitch with small spacing become more popular on the market's star product, led street lighting therefore, the manufacturer presented a very high demand. At the same time, the user's skill level is a big threshold, not all manufacturers can be produced.