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Engineering 2015 Golden Globe registration so hot, you do not want to try?---OAK led flood light

Sep 27, 2016

Op lighting LED lamp appears cheap, it seems to convey such a signal: Now in the LED industry, once-powerful brands, has been and unknown small workshop goes,stadium-lights I want to lift the banner of low-cost quick to seize the market. This is hard to do for those products, adhere to brand enterprises, enhance their brand awareness and product price, is imminent. backpfrontp Fortunately, we have this platform! As LED supply chain integration of resources and capital within the industry leader for the Engineering LED industry colleagues to enhance the brand influence,led-stadium-light optimize the supply chain has always been in unremitting efforts. LED industry is known as the Oscars of the Golden Globes, is the selection of good products, optimize the supply chain, enhance the brand influence of the most important way. backpfrontp 2010 since the beginning, Golden Globe Engineering LED industry has gone through five years of wind and rain accompanied every year attracts hundreds of the industry including the middle and lower reaches of the well-known enterprises to actively participate.stadium-floodlights As the finale of the drama Engineering Annual Meeting, Golden Globe Awards night is star-studded. Every award will give the participants left a very deep impression on the audience, enjoying industry gluttonous feast, hooked. backpfrontp conform to the trend,high-power-led-flood-light Golden Globe Awards and selection rules to make changes every year. 2010 \u0026 mdash; 2011, the focus of our attention also on the LED lighting design; 2012-2013, we are concerned about the vision has gradually put the whole industry chain, pay close attention to brand building and channel development; in 2014, for the market cost requirements,1000W-led-flood-light supply chain optimization become the theme. backpfrontp this year is seen as the LED lighting industry onslaught of hurricane year, the market for LED products, rapid increases in requirements, both have Yuriko (good quality), but also a face (brand strength). How to stand on a higher platform height, with a broader vision for the product, the brand, the industry deeper thinking, it has become an inevitable condition of business continuity. backpfrontp Therefore,RGB-led-flood-light under the premise of optimizing the supply chain, this year's Golden Globes will focus on end lighting products, engineering and brand expansion. Featuring leading figures from the industry, the judges, the final selection of outstanding products, engineering and brand value ranking, the organizing committee Jiang participating enterprises to provide product promotion,tennis-court-light brand promotion and other full range of support, help enterprises to achieve faster and better development. backpfrontp Awards aspect, new LED lighting products and projects annual award, worth 25 annual LED lighting brand is strong, the annual Technology Innovation Award, Best Brands micro marketing posters, Best Employers annual and annual best performance of listed companies, the year's most with investment value of the company,led-road-light the annual corporate Leadership Award, Lifetime Achievement Award and other heavy industry awards, You can you up! backpfrontp world is so big, you want to see. Today, the Golden Globes registration so hot, you do not want to see? Competition that is eligible for the more than 300 business executives to discuss the exchange distance, optimize supply chain resources and the establishment of a large customer resources. Meanwhile finalists get the opportunity to showcase the annual meeting site,led-tunnel-light award-winning products will be personalized to provide full service brand marketing brand planning LED Engineering team. backpfrontp click SIGN Engineering 2015 Golden Globe Award backpfrontp attached Golden Globe Award Process: backpfrontp first phase (July 15, 2015 \u0026 mdash; August 31) backpfrontp corporate self-nomination / Cooperative Association recommended / jury recommended \u0026 rarr;gym-lights generate shortlist backpfrontp second phase (September 1, 2015 - September 30) backpfrontp networks and micro-channel online real-name vote \u0026 rarr; produce shortlist backpfrontp third stage (October 2015 1- October 31) backpfrontp finalists Enterprise PPT, video production, field visits jury business research backpfrontp fourth stage (November 1, 2015 - the 30th) backpfrontp jury focused on the shortlisted companies to vote for the winners and write reviews backpfrontp fifth stage (2015 December) backpfrontp Organizing Committee announced the winners and award ceremony backpfrontp where Product of the Year, Technology Innovation Award for the field PK,led-bay-light the judges scoring to produce the final list of winners.