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Chengdu LED outdoor advertising---OAK LED flood light

Sep 23, 2016

Chengdu LED outdoor advertising LED flood has dismantle illegal advertising of more than 20,000 blocks

frontp Recently,stadium lights the reporter learned from the Chengdu City Management Committee, in promoting the appearance of the city in the process of governance, Chengdu will illegal LED outdoor advertising into the city's disease control range,high-power-led-flood-light and in the central city plans to use three years, invested more than 10 billion, on urban roads diseases, and Lane were white + black treatment. backpfrontp Chengdu Management Committee,1000W-LED-flood-light responsible person, 2014, in Chengdu, LED outdoor advertising has the potential to spread. In this context, Chengdu in the lead of the illegal conduct remediation LED outdoor advertising, a wide range of Chengdu unified action,tennis-court-light so far, a total dismantling of illegal advertising of more than 20,000 LED blocks, the central city, suburban (city) and county roads and focus on the main street removal rate reached 99.9% area, 98.8% respectively. backpfrontp At the same time, inspection covers in innovative regulatory mechanisms and emergency response mechanisms,gym-lights set up the basis of the country's first inspection covers supervision center, the Chengdu is the disease control work covers extending to two or three spheres. backpfrontp on the appearance of the city governance, in addition to white + black outside governance,led-bay-light Chengdu is still ongoing illegal street signs marking the renovation, garbage transfer site environmental remediation,led-arena-light the City Expressway environmental issues of governance, and to explore the implementation of urban roads overhead line renovation Wait. backpfrontp addition Chengdu Hi-tech Zone is also exploring the pilot Cityscape order category management, the urban area is divided into prohibited areas, strict control area, control zone classified management, urban management and strive to ease the contradiction between people's needs from the source. backp