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OAK LED industry---stadium lights,tennis court light

Sep 24, 2016

 Build photovoltaic released results notice expected, stadium-lights the first half of 2015 the company realized a net profit of nearly 2-fold increase, LED digital communications equipment company and technology platform business continued to develop steadily, acquisitions Eastar and YOUTOP PR enormous contribution to earnings growth. led-stadium-light backpfrontp August 25, the joint construction of photovoltaic performance report released the first half of the reporting period, the company achieved operating income of 653.479 million yuan, representing an increase of 92.48 percent over the same period last year, net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of listed companies 91.4236 million yuan,high-power-led-flood-light representing an increase of 194.72 percent over the same period last year. backpfrontp LianJian photoelectric secretaries Zhongju Ying said the first half, build around a digital photoelectric Outdoor Media Group's strategic objectives, through a series of promotional activities to enhance the development of small pitch LED display applications,1000W-led-flood-light continue to maintain the company's leading LED display position, the linkage of urban media culture as a company to build an integrated platform, sales continued to improve, revenues remained stable growth. backpfrontp Up to now, the linkage of its own cultural LED big screen nearly 80 the number of media, covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Jiangsu,RGB-led-flood-light Fujian and other 19 provinces, municipalities and a total of 43 cities in the first half, the linkage cultural advertising revenue 17,050,000 yuan , compared with growth of 74.51 percent over the same period last year. backpfrontp addition, the report period, the Friends of Extension PR easy 100% stake in the matter of settlement procedures have been completed,tennis-court-light begin consolidated. Zhongju Ying said that through the acquisition of Eastar, help reinforce LED dissemination equipment R \u0026 D capabilities, through the acquisition of Rio Friends of PR,led-tennis-light advertising for the company to enter the chain upstream of the PR and digital services industries, open digital distribution channels, online and offline integrated communication form pattern promote. backpfrontp report shows that first half, the company LED display applications, sales income 369,503,700 yuan, an increase over the previous year 38.63%; LED display applications, gross margin 35.72%, 8.05% increase over last year;led-tunnel-light public relations media business revenue 283,685,900 yuan, representing an increase of 288.74 percent over the same period last year. backpfrontp Zhongju Ying said that the extension of the Friends of the company's mergers and acquisitions of public relations after the establishment of joint cultural, mergers sharing media, another important step in the implementation of extended development strategy,led-bay-light business development, will further strengthen the company's media business listing service capabilities to enhance communication services The diversity and richness. backpfrontp In addition, overseas marketing, the company through participation in overseas trade shows, the company expects the second half of the overseas market will achieve better results. backpfrontp for future development,stadium-floodlights the joint construction of photovoltaic will adhere to the path of development and extension of endogenous growth combining development, while maintaining the stable development of existing businesses, looking for a certain business advantages, core competencies, the ability to produce the company's existing business Related subject synergies acquisitions. backpfrontp reporting period,airport-lights the joint construction of photoelectric set up an investment fund, focused on high-quality projects to invest in line with the cultural development of the company, advertising, the Internet field. backpfrontp establishment of buyout funds on the one hand with the capital strength of snap-bit quality targets, improve the company's position in the industry and competitiveness; on the other hand can be screened by buyout funds in line with culture,gym-lights advertising media, the Internet and other areas of the company's development strategy for quality subject, through incubation, observe and nurture related targets, reduce integration risks and investment costs, promote the company's industrial chain integration smoothly. Zhongju Ying expressed. backp