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OAK LED industry---stadium lights,tennis court light

Sep 28, 2016

frontp8.27 Hongli Opto-electronic (300219) COB technology exchange \u0026 bull; Foshan station, has entered the countdown to one day less than a month,stadium lights Hongli Opto-electronic registration application has been received more than 200 people (online registration + line! under registration), which is the number as of today, Registration will continue to rise, do not stop. What are you waiting for, hurry to Registration of it !! backpbackpfrontp The strongest Chinese seal LED Circuit Symposium Hongli Opto-electronic COB LED technology exchange will be subject to a high degree of concern industry,led stadium light less than a month, the registration page Rank reached 1025 times, enrollment reached more than 200 people. LED lighting manufacturers meeting the audience mainly from Pearl River Delta area of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other places, dealers, LED accessories manufacturers, high-power-led-flood-light as well as LED research institutions / universities; covers LED engineers, product managers, purchasing staff , business executives, as well as institutions and other experts, the popular level meeting is evident. backpfrontp Hongli Opto-electronic has been specifically indicate the development of LED lighting industry, we are committed to promoting LED lighting technology, the introduction of the COB from the original concept,1000W-led-flood-light creating a first-generation product with an insulated layer COB, to today's flip COB, again to break the shackles of temperature, so infinitely bright future inorganic packages, Hongli will fully apply the theory of inorganic package, introduced the sixth generation COB products to achieve power type COB onto final takeoff. Hongli COB 1-6 dynastic history of technological development so that China successfully boarded the strongest \u0026 lsquo; closed 'position. backpfrontp With the continuous development and changes in the past two years, RGB-led-flood-light the market and technology LED, COB LED has gradually become one of the main package, and has become the trend of the mainstream of the package, it is understood,led-street-lighting COB package bulb LED bulb has occupied 40% about the market. backpfrontp although COB package in the industry outlook is very promising, but at this stage of the technology people there are a lot of doubts about what kind of secondary optics is considered the best? COB package which will impact on related industries?led-tunnel-light What secrets do they exist? backpfrontp do this, Hongli Opto-electronic joint Darko and Germany will host the China Poor's strongest seal Hongli LED Circuit Symposium Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foshan Minghui third floor August 27 Optical COB technology exchanges, and carries a full range of devices such as COB integrated package suits COB LM \u0026 lt; series,led-arena-light flip COB ceramics LC003, LF002, and flip COB automotive lighting and other products on display at the conference debut. backpfrontp while Hongli Opto-electronic solutions for the integration of supporting customers to achieve high optical quality application effect, to present you flip advanced COB indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, and automotive illumination technology,led-bay-light not to be missed! At the same active site raffle will be held in several rounds Huawei charm 7 phones, DUV LED portable sterilizers, DUV LED electronic band-aid, and porcelain tableware and other gifts for all prizes events calendar:! backpbackpfrontp Event Description: backpfrontp 1, draw rule: When you sign in, please submit Your business card or fill out business cards, our staff will unify the collected business cards and business cards placed in the raffle box.gym-lights Prizes will be randomly selected. Draw only for audience participation workshop attendance. backpfrontp 2, Activity Award: Activity Set several rounds of lucky draw, will send Huawei charm 7 phones, DUV LED electronic band-aid, DUV LED portable sterilizers,tennis-court-light lighting Popular Science, blue and white porcelain serving dishes, the chance of winning a lot of oh backpfrontp Venue!