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OAK LED industry---stadium lights,tennis court light

Sep 21, 2016

[Annual] High Performance Engineering LED phosphors is the last word

 text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] phosphors in the LED where the proportion of the whole industry chain is very limited, high-power-led-flood-light,but essential. Its quality directly determines the quality of the LED light efficiency and light, made from the original red and yellow light, blue light and green light later, to the current white. Indeed, LED phosphor LED package supporting industry has developed rapidly in recent years.stadium-lights LED production and research, according to the Institute of Engineering (GGII) survey, by the end of 2014, China LED phosphor about 55 companies, mainly in the various types of Chinese, Taiwanese, American and other phosphor enterprises.led-stadium-light There is a certain amount of LED phosphors about 15 companies, some enterprises LED Phosphor enterprise has sold more than 1 ton month. While Chinese enterprises, more representative undoubtedly Institute of Rare Earth. Precipitation more than ten years, backed by Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, stadium-floodlight,Institute of Rare Earth reputation in LED phosphor industry is not small.tennis-court-light It is understood that the phosphor product range, the development of aluminate, nitrides and fluorides system to meet the high-quality phosphors for lighting and display applications require LED devices.tunnel-light The Institute of Rare Earth luminous Division Director Liu Ronghui told the 'Engineering LED'. In fact, in general the market is not increasing profits incremental phosphor environment, performance white LED with phosphor also entered the bottleneck.RGB-led-flood-light And this is precisely also brought to the Institute of Rare Earth a better chance. Institute of Rare Earth Release fluorescent cap backp Institute of Rare Earth belongs Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, 1000W-LED-flood-light,is a listed company has research an important part of the new material, its strong R \u0026 D capabilities and financial strength, let there be in the study of rare earth rare earth luminescent materials field can be done, led-bay-light,a number of mature technology to the market, a number of technology stocks paid off, continued to occupy the front position of technological innovation. Technical innovation is not accounted for as a whole, but it is a key component of the LED light-emitting phosphors, led-tunnel-light,it is very important. Volume liter drop in price trend in the short term will not change, improve the performance of LED phosphor powder monomer, it is the key to the shuffling process is not being eliminated. That LED Phosphor how to improve performance through technological innovation? In December 2015 the General Assembly on LED Engineering, Institute of Rare Earth industry may give some enlightenment and inspiration.