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OAK LED stadium light,high power led flood light

Sep 21, 2016

 All aspects are closely interlinked, indispensable. LED small spacing will be advanced to the next stage, the Internet has become a vehicle,stadium lights there is a future of unlimited possibilities small pitch. Although the outlook is excellent, but at the same time, also stationed in the LED package devices small pitch competition in the market a large number of manufacturers of more intense, the price is also a bargain trend.led stadium light On the current domestic LED display packaging situation, localization trend of small pitch devices are increasingly clear, the mainland LED packaging companies are struggling to rise, currently in the market also occupy a certain market share.high power led flood light Chau Ming science and technology in the first half of small business Couch pitch product revenue 16,779.46 million yuan, accounting for 26.88% of main business revenue, representing an increase of 113.01 percent over the same period last year, the report period, stadium floodlights,a small pitch commercial Couch total new orders 24,094.12 Wan yuan, representing an increase of 192.72 percent over the same period last year. Keywords: intelligent lighting intelligent lighting market presents a tremendous growth in the coming years potential, according to statistics, over the next three to five years is still LED replacement stage, last year accounted for only 40% of the LED market,tennis court lights no doubt, intelligent lighting will be Under a blue ocean market. In the next five years, for intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting control demand is growing at an alarming rate in transition from traditional lighting, will further promote the development of intelligent lighting systems. By 2020, the total intelligent lighting market is expected to reach $ 8.14 billion,high power led flood light a CAGR between 2015 and 2020 was 22.07%. This growth, the market can be expected to innovate in all directions, in order to meet the growing demand for lighting control systems, different types of vendors have entered the lighting control market. Keywords: cross-border since the first half of 2015, LED companies are restless, cross-border mergers and acquisitions wave of a new wind direction. It is understood that Branch constant shares to complete the Shenzhen City Teng Technology Co., mergers and acquisitions, tennis-court-lights,prompting the company to get involved in LED terminal industry. Hongli Opto-electronic LED-based industry. In addition, shares of Diener Technology 18% stake, while shares of Shenzhen-hui Vision plan, in order to cut vehicle networking industry. Financial terms of the Internet, 1000W led flood light,Hongli Opto-electronic Cayman net profit shares, holding 10% of its shares. July 22 evening, Jufei photovoltaic (300303.SZ) announced that the proposed acquisition have proposed Newinfo Holdings Limited 51% stake LiveCom Limited, the Hong Kong SBO using its own telecom licenses, RGB led flood light,enter the Internet information and communication industry. Union Optical Fang Dazhi announced the acquisition of control and its capital increase,1000W-LED-flood-light thereby entering the field of networking. Keywords: LED plant expansion later this season than expected, but still firm to start fund-raising expansion plans. high-power-led-flood-light,With the rapid growth in demand for LED lighting,tunnel light Hongli Opto-electronic package as a white leading business scale in recent years, rapid expansion, a recent three-year period SMD LED production line capacity utilization increased every year. Use 420 million yuan set by the recent expansion of SMD LED. led bay light,The same as the package leading Sen also resorted to the issuance of the banner, prepared by fund-raising 2.3 billion yuan, a comprehensive expansion package, lighting capacity. An optical three wholly owned subsidiaries raise investment projects led-stadium-light the order of 100 lumen (converted to 2 inches 54 machine, the equivalent of 200) MOCVD equipment has reached the 32 chambers. Jufei Optoelectronics set by the funds raised 600 million yuan, 320 million yuan expansion project for backlighting LED products, LED lighting products 214 million yuan expansion project for 066 million yuan for the expansion of LED technology research and development center.stadium-lights Everlight through a 50 billion New Taiwan dollars of convertible bonds for plant expansion, with substantial working capital. The next three years is also a substantial increase plan has been finalized Miaoli gong to spend 1.3 billion yuan to buy a new plant.