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The Notices On The Stadium Lighting Construction

May 16, 2019

The Notices On The Stadium Lighting Construction


The quality of the stadium lighting projects directly affects the progress of the sports event and the sensory experience of the athletes and the audience. Especially for some stadiums that undertake international competitions, the quality of lighting design and construction directly affects the country's international image.

In order to ensure the quality of stadium lighting projects, to ensure the use of stadiums, to meet the requirements of safety applicability, energy-saving and green environmental protection, the lighting design and construction of stadiums lighting projects must be in accordance with national standards.

OAK LED summarizes the experience in the design, construction and acceptance of stadium lighting projects in recent years, and the stadiums lighting projects should pay much more attentions to the following notices.

The stadium lighting projects should have a reasonable illumination design. As most gymnasiums are versatile and multifunctional, the lighting design of the stadium lighting projects must meet the special requirements of sports, as well as provide services for entertainment, training, competition, maintenance and cleaning. Therefore, it is important to have a reasonable illumination design.

And the selection of LED lighting fixtures should consider the following points.

a. Should consider the size of the stadiums and analyze the installation height of LED lighting fixtures because different height will affect the number of lamps used for the stadiums.

b. Should consider the installation position of the lamps. Different positions leading to the different projection angles, so need to choose different light distribution to achieve the perfect lighting effect.

c. Should consider different positions of the gymnasiums to ensure the lamp's power and light distribution. For instance, various positions such as the auditorium, podium, scoreboard, billboard, etc. should use different light distribution.

Also, the stadium lighting projects should solve the problem of the flicker and glare. In the previous stadium lighting projects, most stadiums used traditional sports lighting such as metal halide lamps or halogen lamps, easily resulting in the flicker and glare. And this flicker will cause the objects that move quickly to appear the phantom, causing the athletes to misjudge and have the visual fatigue. Besides, this flicker has a great influence on the videography, especially for the slow-motion camera, which will show an unbearable flashing when it is shown. The glare hazard in stadium lighting causes visual discomfort, visual fatigue, and emotional anxiety. More seriously, the glare will cause the temporary visual disability of visual target objects like badminton and table tennis, which makes the athletes do not see the flying sphere and seriously affects the competitive level of the players. Thus, it is crucial to adopt the professional light distribution technology and anti-glare devices in the construction of stadium lighting projects, so that it can sufficiently control the flicker and prevent the glare and spillage on the stadiums.

All in all, the stadium lighting projects should have a reasonable illumination design, choose the suitable lighting fixtures according to different factors, and solve the problem of the glare and flicker by using the advanced lighting technology and anti-glare devices, so finally can reach the perfect lighting effect.