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Multi-rod Arrangement of Sports Lighting

Nov 18, 2019

Multi-rod Arrangement of Sports Lighting

The multi-rod arrangement is a form of arrangement on both sides, and the two sides are arranged in combination with the lamp post or the building horse track, and are arranged in the form of clusters or continuous light strips on both sides of the playing field. As the name suggests, the multi-rod layout is to set up multiple sets of light poles on both sides of the venue, suitable for football practice venues, tennis courts, etc.

Its outstanding advantage is that the electricity consumption is relatively low, and the vertical illumination and the horizontal illumination are better. Due to the low pole, this type of lamp has the advantages of less investment and convenient maintenance.

The poles should be evenly arranged, and 4 towers, 6 towers or 8 towers can be arranged. The projection angle is greater than 25°, and the projection angle to the sideline of the site is not more than 75°.

This kind of cloth light generally uses medium beam and wide beam flood light. If there is a spectator stand, the aiming point layout work must be very detailed. The disadvantage of this type of cloth is that when the pole is placed between the venue and the auditorium, it will obscure the viewer's line of sight and it is more difficult to eliminate the shadow.

In the football field without television broadcast, the lateral arrangement lighting device adopts multi-rod arrangement, which is economical.

The poles are usually placed on both sides of the field. Generally speaking, the pole height of the multi-bar lamp can be lower than that of the four corners. In order to avoid the line-of-sight interference of the goalkeeper, the midpoint of the goal line is used as the reference point, and the poles cannot be arranged at least 10° on both sides of the bottom line (when there is no TV broadcast).

The height of the pole of the multi-bar lamp is calculated. The triangle is calculated perpendicular to the court and parallel to the bottom line, Φ≥25°, and the height of the pole is h≥15m.

The circumference is a special form of multi-rod arrangement, mainly used for the lighting of baseball and softball fields. It is best to use 6 or 8 pole arrangements for the stadium lighting fixtures. The softball courts usually use 4 or 6 pole arrangements. They can also be installed on the raceway above the auditorium. The pole should be located outside the main viewing angle of the four barrier zones by 20°.