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maximize the lighting effect of the LED optical system

Apr 01, 2019

How to maximize the lighting effect of the LED optical system


As a new generation of light source, LED is gradually replacing the market of traditional energy-saving lamps.However, the form of LED light source is very different from the traditional light source. At present, in addition to a few, such as street lamps, most of the LED products circulating on the market use the light distribution design of traditional light sources, which are relatively rough and general.


1.Simple and rude LED optical design

The most important factors affecting LED optical design include light, electricity and machinery. In the light, in addition to the light source itself, the design of the optical system is particularly important. Because the LED is a point source, to meet a variety of lighting needs, it must be matched with the corresponding optical system.

"From the LED lamp bead package, the primary light distribution is relatively simple. Packaging companies are generally based on cost and mass production, and more consideration of materials and structures can fully extract light and improve efficiency.The other is to meet the requirements of our light color, including the control of color temperature and the uniformity of color temperature space. The true light distribution has to be designed by secondary optics. ”


2.LED precision light distribution design

Precision optical design itself is also the need to optimize the optimization of LED lighting products. The same street lamp should be designed well. It is necessary to carry out the corresponding optical design according to the different road sections and the configuration of the lamp itself. This requires the lamp factory to be able to The situation is to carry out professional optical design.

The width of the road, the height of the pole, the spacing of the street lamps, and the angle at which the street lamps are raised require the measures of the lens and optical system of the street lamp.

Considering the integration of the lamp and the environment, considering the adaptation problem between the light source and the optical system, the optical design of the LED must be designed according to the specific light source. The light source is different, and the lens has to be changed.