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Linsen first half revenue of over 2 billion yuan lighting business firepower----oak led flood light

Oct 06, 2016

 frontp [text / Engineering LED Yue Motte] bold advance Linsen (002745.SZ), the first half of the harvest of 20 billion revenue, an increase of 11.17 percent over last year, net profit of 232 million yuan. backpfrontp Linsen most in the industry is known for its amazing cost control and scale of production stadium lights. Sen as the world's largest LED packaging factory, ended June 30, 2015, the company has an annual output of 1,669 one hundred million Lamp / SMD LED package device production capacity, both for Sen contributed 1.621 billion yuan in revenue. The Sen are currently in large-scale production facilities fully automated production, which in the future the company improve production efficiency, expand production scale to provide greater possibilities. backpfrontp contribute to the company's revenue is another piece of LED applications. The report shows that, LED applications and other operating income amounted to 353 million yuan,led stadium light-- an increase of 20.20%. backpfrontp due to strong demand for LED general lighting and LED small spacing screen market, the first half of 2015, Linsen ongoing LED products, market development, market development efforts to strengthen the application of LED lighting products. After backpfrontp listing Sen, quickly reached a pinnacle for the use of capital, through the establishment of subsidiaries, joint ventures, private placement and other means on the scale, the occupation of road wider market stability. backpfrontp 2015 semi-annual report shows high power led flood light that from January to June 2015, Sen has set up Anhui Sen Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Sen Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., Gansu Sen Lighting Co., Ltd., Jilin Sen Lighting Co., Ltd. Guangxi's Nanning City Linsen good lighting 5 Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries. backpfrontp The June 30 evening Linsen announcement, the company intends to set up its own funds invested in Shaanxi,1000W LED flood light a wholly owned subsidiary of Shaanxi Linsen Lighting Limited; a wholly owned subsidiary company Linsen (Hong Kong) Limited USD 500,000 yuan to be invested in India investment to set up wholly-owned Sun Company. At this point, once again improve sales channels, LED lighting business start firing on all cylinders. backpfrontp August 10, Sen announced additional plans, intended to raise net proceeds of not more than 2.316 billion yuan, all for Xiaolan SMD LED packaging technology projects,tunnel light Gian SMD LED package a construction project and a Xinyu LED lighting applications Construction projects three projects, one covering the company's two businesses. backpfrontp had Linsen secretaries Laiai Mei told Engineering LED interview, he said, in 2015, the application was midmarket companies to expand the market.led bay light Scale expansion, the channel is just one of our efforts to build this force lighting applications market strategy.