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Lighting standard

Sep 21, 2020

Lighting standard

1. The playing field should have very good uniformity and high horizontal illumination to prevent glare in the playing field.

2.Since many movements of the athlete occur near the board, the shadow formed by the board should be excluded. For the camera, ensure the vertical illumination near the enclosure.

In order to ensure that ice athletes and spectators can track fast-moving athletes and see the detailed movements of athletes, ice sports competitions must have a high level of lighting, especially in large stadiums. To be able to see the game clearly, especially the small details, the ice sports need a high level of lighting. The visibility of a moving object depends on the size, speed, and brightness contrast of the object and its background and ambient brightness.

B. Lighting design

1. Gymnasium sports classification Sports performed in indoor gymnasiums are generally divided into two categories. One is the movement that mainly uses space, and the other is the movement that mainly uses low positions. Therefore, when designing lighting, we should pay attention to the characteristics of different sports and treat them separately. The usual gymnasiums are mostly for comprehensive purposes, and are divided into small and medium-sized gymnasiums, large-scale gymnasiums and color television broadcast stadiums according to their size.

2. Basic principles of stadium lighting design: When designing stadium lighting, the designer must first understand and master the lighting requirements of the hockey stadium: the illumination standard and lighting quality. Then, the lamp layout plan should be determined according to the height and location of the possible installation of lamps in the hockey stadium building structure. Due to the limitation of the space height of the hockey stadium, both the illumination standard and the lighting quality requirements must be met. Therefore, lamps with reasonable light distribution, appropriate distance-to-height ratio and strict brightness restrictions should be selected.

When the installation height of the luminaire is less than 6 meters, fluorescent lamps should be selected; when the installation height of the luminaire is 6-12 meters, metal halide lamps of power not exceeding 250W should be selected; In the case of metal halide lamps, the power should not exceed 400W; when the installation height of the luminaire is more than 18 meters, metal halide lamps should not be used wide beam flood light.