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LED lighting has been the transition from all walks

Jun 09, 2014

Global lighting industry is experiencing the trend from traditional lighting to LED lighting, LED lighting market to also think of West development step by step.

Development of LED lighting, and the Midwest and prospects

With the development of the eastern coastal area of China's economy is developing very rapidly, but in the West because of the relatively closed, where life is very hard, and in March 2000 the State released documents strongly Western development, which also LED lighting the new images of Western development drive.

Second, LED lighting come into being

Accompanied by strong Government support and low carbon energy, the increasingly popular green lighting concept. Under the current state of global energy shortage, we are faced with the important issues of energy savings new green energy LED lighting comes into being. LED by its inherent characteristics, such as energy saving, long life, vibration-resistant, fast response, cold light source characteristics, are widely used in fields such as lights, signal lights, display, landscape lighting, everywhere in our daily life, household appliances, telephone, dashboard lights, car fog lights, traffic lights and so on. But due to its poor brightness, high prices and other conditions limit, not as a general source used. According to press reports, although the LED is very energy-efficient light sources, but even the most energy-efficient LED will still produce a lot of heat. In addition, to make the LED light source can emit from every direction perfect warm white, and have a long service life and dimming function, there are many issues that must be addressed.

LED lighting products are gradually attracting the world's attention, as a new green LED lighting products, must be the future trend of the development of 21st century will enter the new represented by LED lighting era.